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Right, what is the doubloon money trend on TikTok and how does it actually work?

Feel free to take five doubloons from me x

Doubloons have taken over TikTok and now we can’t escape this silly little cat. Some things go together like uni libraries and crushes, deadlines and procrastination, and kebabs and a night out. But what exactly do cats and doubloons have in common? The answer, the doubloon trend on TikTok. Your For You Page is almost certainly filled with TikTok’s featuring the same music and slightly criminal looking cats, either offering or if you’re unlucky, stealing your precious doubloons. So here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the doubloon TikTok money trend and how it all actually works.

What is the doubloon trend on TikTok?

The trend initially started when a meme of a cat holding its paws captioned with “four doubloons please” made the rounds on Instagram in 2021, and slowly started to grow in popularity. This week the trend made its way over to TikTok.

What even are doubloons?

The doubloons are a type of virtual coin that you can collect, save, invest, spend and even put on a virtual credit card. The TikTok videos always involve a cat or multiple cats, and usually some sort of scenario where the cat gives you a number of doubloons. The numbers started off small at the start of the week with only three to four doubloons being given per TikTok which later spiralled into the thousands, leading to extreme doubloon inflation within the trend.

Some users started giving away infinite doubloons and this alongside the inflation caused laws to be formed in the doubloon community. Currently, you can only give away 100 doubloons in one video, and if you take more you can be “investigated” by the doubloon IRS. Some users have started a cat revolution and are trying to uprise, whilst others meticulously track every doubloon increase and purchase on actual excel spreadsheets. So yes, now you can definitely say you’re excel fluent on your CV.

However your doubloons can also be stolen by thieving cats, or you can even go into debt by buying too many items or not paying off your virtual doubloon credit card in time. Yes, there is a lot of science behind doubloons on TikTok.

So, what do you use the doubloons for?

The doubloons are used for various items, with initial offerings being more survival based such as food and equipment but more recently entire cities and malls are being made available for you to trade your doubloons for pretty much anything you want. Examples of purchases include an anti-robbery portion for four doubloons and pumpkin soup with bread for three. A lot of it is based on the algorithm with some commenting that they only have “300 doubloons” whilst others have amassed millions.

And as a reward for reading this article, take five extra doubloons, and safe journey traveller.

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