Couples icks TikToks

Couples have been sharing their icks about each other on TikTok and they are hilarious

‘Some people have big toes and then there’s yours’😭😭

If there is one kind of social media personality that will never get old, it’s the couples. Those in relationships on social media will either make you yearn for a relationship of your own or make you feel grateful you’re not in their relationship. While men have been sharing their icks about people on Twitter, couples have been sharing their icks about each other on TikTok and they’re so chaotic and hilarious you’ll be in stitches for so long. If you’re keen for a laugh and want a chance to have an insight into other people’s relationships, watch these 10 TikToks about couples sharing their icks for each other:

1. ‘That striped shirt you own’


idk if this was as helpful as we thought it would be 😂 #couplechallenge #icks #voiceeffects

♬ original sound – The Marellis

2. ‘Doesn’t have an inside voice’

3. ‘Your big toe’

4. ‘When you call my name like I didn’t hear you the first time’

5. ‘When you make high pitched noises’

6. ‘When you chew your food’

7. ‘When you sing the lyrics before they happen’

8. ‘Leaving your hair on the floor’

9. ‘When you don’t want to walk across the road’

10. ‘Before you kiss me in the morning you have to vape’

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