Men sharing their icks on Twitter

Men have been sharing their worst icks and they’re so wild you’d hope they were joking

‘Praying to shiny rocks’ 😭😭😭

Icks have become a universal thing people have began sharing with the world ever since the word went viral on social media. Some people’s icks are absolutely ridiculous and men have been sharing theirs on Twitter and they are even more mind-numbing than before. Everyone has the right to have their icks but some of them are just beyond sane. Here are 19 icks men have been sharing on Twitter and this is your warning to prepare yourself for how wild they all are:

1. Can’t be helped x

2. Well that’s a bit peak

3. Okay soft life is valid

4. Oops x

5. What if there’s an emergency?!

6. Woah

7. Surley not

8. Valid tbh

9. Sorry I need to know everything Molly-Mae gets up to!

10. Looool

11. Need that Louis Vuitton bag sorry x

12. Praying to shiny rocks😭😭😭

13. LOL

14. Tears in my eyes

15. WHAT

16. Fair x

17. Purrrr

18. Looooooool

19. Sometimes we just like to hope!!

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