Lydia Millen

Inside the life of Lydia Millen and how she makes all her money to splash at The Savoy

She’s potentially the poshest person you’re ever going to meet

Lydia Millen used to be known for flaunting her lifestyle on social media but now she’s known for being the silly influencer who booked The Savoy Hotel when their heating broke in the cost of living crisis. She posts a lot online about her life and how gorgeous she finds it and to be honest, it looks lavish. Here’s a rundown of how Lydia Millen became so rich, her net worth, previous dramas and who her husband is.

Who is Lydia Millen?

Lydia Millen is a fashion, fitness, lifestyle and travel influencer best known for her YouTube channel and blog. During her career, she has worked with brands such as Urban Outfitters and Wildfox.

Prior to this, she trained as a beauty therapist and later found a retail job at The End in Watford. In October 2012, Lydia started working as a social media manager at UCLA clothing store before starting her career as an influencer. She started using Instagram and YouTube to share her favourite outfits, fashion hacks and seasonal trends. She also posts clothing hauls, try-on videos and enjoys filming herself getting ready with her husband. She now works with huge global brands and has established herself in the fashion industry.

She has over 700,000 followers on TikTok.

Where is Lydia Millen from?

Lydia Millen was born on 14th April 1988 in Watford. She has an older brother called Vincent Miles Millen and a younger sister called Alice Millen.

She is not related to the designer Karen Millen however she and Lydia Millen have collaborated together.

She now lives in a country home in Buckinghamshire with her husband Alistair Keith Gordon. The couple got married on 19th December in 2017 at Aynhoe Park in Oxfordshire. They have an entire Instagram dedicated to their house and it’s unreal. I would simply not be arsed about The Savoy Hotel if I lived here.

What is Lydia Millen’s net worth and how does she make her money?

Lydia’s net worth is estimated at £300,000 and makes her money through social media.

She is a full-time influencer which requires her to share everything she wears, eats and where she travels to – it sounds soooooo exhausting.

She is in The Times’ top 30 UK influencers

In 2019, Lydia Millen was ranked in the top 30 UK influencers sandwiched in between Grace Beverly and Michael Daapah.

Lydia Millen’s tanning line launch flopped

Lydia Millen teased the release of her line “Gló” for months now, she has been dropping hints about it being to do with self-tanning. Fans were expecting a launch of her own product that would go along with the skin brand she’s created herself. Instead her release flopped when it was revealed to be a self-tanning kit.

For £50, fans had a bag with a tanning mitt and not much else inside.

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