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I had to read these 13 thirsty tweets about The Crown’s John Major, and now you do too

Jonny Lee Miller must pay for his crimes

Look, there are a lot of highlights in season five of The Crown. Take it from someone who devoured it all in an EVENING. Elizabeth Debicki gives a wonderful performance as Princess Diana, the Princess Margaret-Peter Townsend storyline is devastating, and we get to see the deviousness of Martin Bashir in full force.

However, the best bit for me was getting to watch Jonny Lee Miller looking fit in a grey wig and glasses for 10 hours straight.

I can’t explain it, but suddenly some crusty old Tory prime minister is… sexy. I promise you, Edwina Curry hasn’t ghost-written this piece – it’s just cold, hard, fact. Thing is, I’m not the only one who sees it, either.

So, here are 13 *really horny* tweets about the so-called Prime Minister of Charm himself, John Major:

1. I’m disappointed in myself

2. If he’s still alive, it’s on

3. I agree with Jack

4. Apparently all you need to do is put big glasses on a man and I’m sold

5. He shouldn’t be complaining really


7. Me writing my very serious series review:

8. Stop making me fancy dusty old men!

9. We’re all confused and aroused tbh

10. Jonny Lee Miller if you’re reading this I’m free tomorrow night – bring the wig x


12. I’d recommend not watching Trainspotting if you want to keep the two separate

13. It’ll be okay

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