Diana's goddaughter Leonora

Here’s everything we know about Princess Diana’s goddaughter, Leonora Knatchbull

She is introduced in the first episode of The Crown season five

The Crown has made its return to Netflix for a fifth season and along with a new decade, new characters have also been introduced. The new figures include Penelope Knatchbull, Countess Mountbatten of Burma, Norton Knatchbull and their daughter Leonora. In the first episode of the latest season of The Crown, it is said that Leonora had cancer, but what actually happened to her? Here is who Princess Diana’s goddaughter Leonora was, and what happened to her following her battle with cancer:

Leonora is the youngest daughter of Penelope and Norton Knatchbull

Penelope and Norton Knatchbull were close friends with the late Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II. The families were so close that Penelope was one of just the 30 guests who attended Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021.

Diana's goddaughter Leonora

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Penelope and Norton had three children together called Nicholas, Lady Alexander and Leonora. Leonora died when she was very young, something which is touched on in season five of The Crown.

Leonora died in October 1991 after a year long battle with cancer

The Knatchbull’s youngest daughter Leonora died in October 1991 from kidney cancer, at five years old. According to The Herald, Leonora was diagnosed after she fell ill during a family holiday to Spain in 1990. Princess Diana and the now King, Charles III, were also on holiday with the family at the time.

Diana's goddaughter Leonora

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Across 14 month, Leonora received treatments for the cancer, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In her final days, Princess Diana visited Leonora while she was in hospital.

Where was her funeral held?

In October 1991, Leonora’s funeral was held at Romsey Abbey in Hampshire. She was later buried in the grounds of the family home, Broadlands, in Hampshire.

Diana's goddaughter Leonora

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Leonora’s parents later founded the charity Leonora Children’s Cancer Fund in her memory. The charity has since merged with The Edwina Mountbatten Trust and is now called The Edwina Mountbatten And Leonora Children’s Foundation.

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