who is lily collins dad

People are only just realising who Lily Collins’ hugely famous dad is and I’m shook

Add her to the nepo baby list right now!

Season three of Emily in Paris has dropped on Netflix – and it’s about time we spoke about Lily Collins and her famous family.

With all this nepo baby chat flying around, it’s not surprising that people are deciding to google the actress in an attempt to find out how she got famous. Turns out, she’s been acting since the age of three, and her siblings are in the industry as well!

Lily was featured on New York Magazine’s now-infamous nepotism chart, and people are strangely *shocked* to find out who her super-famous dad is. So, just who is Lily Collins related to, and how has being a nepo baby shaped her career?

Who is Lily Collins’ famous dad?

who is lily collins dad

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If you’ve ever seen Tarzan, Brother Bear or have parents who love ’80s music, you’ll know exactly who this man is. Lily Collins is the daughter of Phil Collins – probably most famous for his song In the Air Tonight, which was famously featured in The Hangover.

Phil Collins is a HUGE artist with six solo number one albums. He was the main contributor to the Tarzan and Brother Bear soundtracks, and used to be a member of the band Genesis. His career has spanned nearly 60 years, and he’s even still touring at the age of 71.

Lily was born in 1989 to him and his then-wife, Jill Tavelman. By the age of three, she was already acting in a ’90s BBC sitcom called Growing Pains. Her first film role was as a baby ape in Tarzan, seven years later. Before Emily in Paris, she also starred in shows like 90210, Les Misérables and The Last Tycoon.

Her siblings are musician Simon Collins and actress Joely Collins.

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