Only a Love Island addict can solve this brainteaser in less than 30 seconds

Challenge accepted!

It’s time for a Love Island brainteaser. Something to get your mind going. Something to stare at on your phone whilst you watch the Islanders crack on and try and browse Twitter memes at the same time.

Do you think you remember Love Island like a pro? If you do, the following test should be a walk in the park for you. Below are some classic Love Island water bottles, with the names written in the iconic font along the side. All you have to do is work out the missing name on the final bottle.

Try and solve the following Love Island brainteaser in less than 30 seconds:

Love Island water bottle brainteaser, quiz and test answers, All Stars

Can you see the link? Can you do it in the time? Are you a Love Island super fan who knew the answer before you’d even scrolled through? Are you ready for the answer?

So, to work out the brainteaser you of course have to work out what all of these names have in common. These are the names of previous female winners of Love Island. The names go in order of series, so when they won the show.

Jess won series one, Cara series two, Amber Davies series three, Dani series four and Amber Gill series five. Up next was the first winter version, series six in 2020. The female Islander who won the show then was Paige. So, the answer is Paige!

Did you get it in time?

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