Inside Davide’s incredible life: From his swanky business to millionaire net worth already

Let’s just say, the £50k Love Island prize is definitely not something he needs

Davide Sanclimenti is now one half of the reigning champ couple of Love Island. This has seen him win the prize fund – but by taking a look at his already pretty lavish life, the Love Island cash isn’t anything Davide is in need of.

People have been pretty shocked to find out what Davide does for a living. His business has made him a self-made millionaire, plus he’s got a degree, travels all over the world and is now with Ekin-Su! What more could someone want?! Here is a deep dive into the wild and boujie life of Love Island star, Davide Sanclimenti.

Davide is 27 and from Rome

Davide is from Italian descent, from Rome, but he currently lives in Manchester. He’s 27, and on the show we met his mother Nadia and sister Valeria, in the meet the parents episode. The Italian stallion himself is 6ft2, in case you’re wondering.

Inside the life of Love Island winner Davide and his business and net worth

via Instagram @davidesancli

His home looks amazing

If his Instagram is anything to go by, it looks as though Davide lives in a super modern high-rise apartment in Manchester. I’m jealous of his view, it has to be said.

Inside the life of Love Island winner Davide and his business and net worth

via Instagram @davidesancli

Davide has a degree and a Master’s, both First Class

Davide is a very, very smart man. He has a degree in Economics and Business from a top university in central Italy, in which he graduated with a First Class honours. He studied there from 2014 to 2017. After then, he went to the University of Rome to study for a Master’s in Finance and Banking, graduating in 2020 with, you guessed it, another First! During his Master’s he did a year at The University of Salford, in Manchester.

via Instagram @davidesancli

He works in business, and is already a millionaire?!

So, let’s just address it straight away – Davide is reportedly a millionaire already! He is a business owner, and works as the owner and director of a shisha company. It doesn’t look like he owns an actual shisha bar, but works more in the supply of shisha equipment to bars and clubs.

He owns S Deluxe Shisa, which, according to its website, provides “only the finest electronic shisha devices accurately selected from the best manufacturers in the world. A unique addition to any of your special occasions and social gatherings.”

It adds: “S Deluxe Shisha is a premium service offered in some of the most exclusive hospitality venues located in North West, England. We have partnerships with the most exclusive restaurants and nightclubs around the UK, carrying a wide selection of top quality hookah products in different shapes and sizes. We offer catering-service, with the highest quality of luxury electronic shisha and the purest French made e-liquids. High quality ingredients combined with the latest technology on the market.”

Off the back of his successful business, Davide is said to be worth a staggering £1million already.

He takes luxury holidays all over the world

Inside the life of Love Island winner Davide and his business and net worth

via Instagram @davidesancli

Just a quick look on Davide’s Instagram and you can see he’s a well travelled man. He prefers the finer things in life, taking pictures of himself on sun loungers and drinking cocktails in fancy locations all over the world. Some of the places he’s checked into include Dubai, Croatia, Marbella and locations all across Italy.

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