We have a new King and Queen! Enjoy 37 memes from the Love Island final in their honour

Am I still sobbing? Yes, yes I am

Last night was the biggest night in the Love Island 2022 calendar for two reasons: Obviously it was the final, and secondly because it was the last night where we can all gather together and share memes about everything as it happens on the show. And on both points, it gave.

Of course, our new King and Queen, Davide and Ekin-Su, were crowned and the entire nation let out a sigh of relief. It was a momentous moment, up there with any actual coronation. I don’t think I’ll ever be over it, or be over them. That’s it, I’m crying again.

Here are the best memes from the final of Love Island 2022.

1. I now know inner peace x

2. Nobody does it like she does

3. He’s raging lmao

4. Here for it!

5. I would back this tbh

6. I’m fully obsessed with them

7. End of!!!

8. Loooooool

9. As per!

10. Just LOOK at them

11. A true icon

12. I see it x


14. Happiness aside, third and fourth was a travesty

15. She GLOWS

16. GUYS

17. I love them????


19. Yikes

20. She was on FIRE

21. Adore them x


23. Never forget x

24. He has my vote!

25. Sure x

26. Our gals!

27. Justice for Danica!

28. Heartbreaking

29. I’m still shook???

30. He is!

31. I literally can’t stop staring at them

The best memes and reactions to the final of Love Island 2022 last night

32. Unbeatable!

33. This tbh

34. We did it!!!

35. Ok I’m a lil bit sad

36. What a TIME

37. I’ll see you all for winter Love Island!

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