A rundown of all the Love Island 2022 contestants who are currently beefing one another

Spoiler: There are lots


Right now, there are multiple ongoing feuds between the cast of Love Island 2022. Despite the show being over and them not living together, it seems as though this has only fuelled arguments between them, with the Islanders now free enough to talk about their beef and what we didn’t see in the villa.

There are loads of Islanders from this season who don’t get on. Some quite obviously don’t like each other, and we saw this on the show, and others are apparently in hidden feuds from since Love Island 2022 ended.

So, let’s get right down into all the current Love Island 2022 contestants who are in the middle of arguments, feuds and outright fights. Enjoy!

Danica and Paige

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Danica has said she wishes she’d confronted Paige in the villa about how she was towards her. Speaking in an interview with On Demand Entertainment, she said: “Watching it back I’ve seen sort of the way Paige was when Antigoni left and it was very clear she wanted me to go. I wish I had said: ‘Hang on do you know how that makes me feel?’, like I’ve done nothing wrong and you’re blatantly mouthing things across the fire pit to insinuate ‘What the hell, why is Danica still here?’”

When asked how things were with Paige now, Danica said: “I’ve had time to move past that, but I wish in the moment looking back I wish I’d said things.”

Paige has snapped back, saying she feels as though people are talking about her to “stay relevant”. Speaking on Toby Aromolaran’s Fancy A Chat? podcast, she said: “People have got to do what they’ve got to do. If you’ve got to talk sh*t about someone else to keep yourself relevant, that’s fine. It’s not my vibe. Why can’t you focus on yourself and all the positive things, rather than talk sh*t about everyone else? I’m not about that life. I’m in my little positive bubble and I stay firmly inside it. People just want to try to pop it sometimes but it’s impenetrable, so no.”

Summer and Coco

The biggest feuds and arguments currently between Love Island 2022 cast members

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During the reunion show, we saw the beef between Coco and Summer come to boil. They’ve been at it for a few days now, and it’s all over Josh Le Grove. Since leaving the villa, bombshells Summer and Josh have started dating. But, on the Saving Grace podcast, Coco said she regretted not taking the opportunity to sleep with Josh in the villa, which Summer has clearly not taken very well to.

During the show, we saw them bickering over what happened, when Summer shadily said she “knew someone who wishes they’d have got with someone” before Coco called it “school girl shit” and “just banter”. She then said “if you can’t handle a big personality, don’t go on reality TV”. Summer then said that what Coco had done isn’t what a friend would have done. They’ve unfollowed each other on Instagram too, yikes.

However, it definitely looks as though the juiciest part of this argument was cut from the reunion show. Someone who was in the audience has revealed the podcast chat was mentioned and Coco said “I don’t care, it’s just a shag I’ll shag anyone I want”. She said Coco then “went on a tangent” talking about sex, and everyone in the studio was looking around thinking it was really awkward. Coco then walked off the set completely, and had to be cheered on by the audience to return.

Jacques, Adam and Paige

Obviously, it’s not exactly going to be all plain sailing between these three. Jacques did leave the villa, wait for Paige, and then see her crack on and leave with Adam, after all. Jacques and Adam made it pretty clear they won’t be friends, mutually not following each other on Instagram when the show ended.

However, Jacques has seemed set on keeping the beef going, joining an Instagram live with finalist Luca Bish, where they sat and mocked Adam and Paige’s relationship. Throughout the video, Jacques spoke in a very sarcastic tone about Paige and Adam, referencing the meet the parents episode when Paige’s mum said she wasn’t sure about Adam.

“Nah they seem like they get on really really well, they seem very happy together,” he laughed and said. Luca then said: “Glad the mum approves” and Jacques replied: “Yeah well her mum seems really fond of Adam so you know. I’m sure the Sunday dinner would go really well.”

Jacques and Remi

Jacques and Remi had loads of unaired arguments during Love Island, with Remi in an interview after he was dumped saying he straight up “hates” Jacques and he ruined his villa experience. Remi said they had multiple rows in the villa, he claimed Jacques would imitate his accent all the time, and he would often use his rugby persona as an excuse to wind people up. He accused him of playing up to the cameras and “trying to cause commotion”.

Since the villa, the feud has been ongoing. In the same Instagram live with Luca, Luca said Remi had joined the video and was commenting. Remi commented: “What you boys saying about me and my rapping?” Jacques said: “I said it’s really really good, you should turn pro.” Jacques then pulled a face at Luca and they started laughing.

Remi responded to the live, saying Jacques and Luca should have been kicked out of the villa for “bullying”. He said in a statement on Instagram: “Everyone said I lied about the way I was treated in that villa, but this here is an example of what was going on whilst I was in there. Don’t know why they wasn’t kicked out for their behaviour to be honest. It’s not banter, it’s clear signs of bullying.”

Jacques has since acknowledged his behaviour and posted an apology on his Instagram story, saying he’s sorry if his behaviour has “caused offence or been misinterpreted”.

Davide and George

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From Davide’s perspective, it’s definitely looking as though he’s cut George out of his life and moved on. When George left the villa, there were rumours him and Ekin-Su may have done bits together, which Ekin-Su always denied. Speaking on an Instagram live, George said: “Her hand was in a place it shouldn’t have been, my hand was in a place it shouldn’t have been. Not for that long, but the line was crossed, that’s all I’m saying.”

Davide has clearly taken Ekin-Su’s side, as he unfollowed the Casa Amor Islander when he exited the villa. George still follows Davide on Instagram, and when asked in a Q&A if he’s unfollowed anyone since he left the show, George replied: “Nope👀”.

Coco and Paige

The biggest feuds and arguments currently between Love Island 2022 cast members

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Coco and Paige apparently have unfinished business from the show, after it was said they had drama that wasn’t shown in Love Island episodes. Coco has said she felt as though Paige “had some sort of issue” with her.

This came after fellow Islander Summer revealed the boys allegedly called Coco a “4/10” in a conversation with Paige, and Paige apparently “wouldn’t give up” who said it. Coco also said Paige “got annoyed when somebody said we looked similar, because she didn’t want to look like me.”

Ekin-Su and Antigoni

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Apparently Ekin-Su is in a “secret feud” with Antigoni, over “salty comments” from Antigoni since leaving the villa. In a now deleted post, after the final, Davide wrote: “Celebrating with my team last night. A special thank you to my guys for looking after everything when I was in the villa.”

Ekin-Su replied to the post, and under this reply someone commented “@ekinsuofficial don’t associate with Antigoni she’s been giving salty interviews about you everywhere!” Ekin-Su liked the comment.

The biggest feuds and arguments currently between Love Island 2022 cast members

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After Antigoni was dumped from the villa, she went on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast and spoke about what went down between them. She labelled Ekin-Su as “dishonest and misleading” saying Ekin-Su had not made it clear she was going to pick Davide, in the recoupling that ended in Antigoni leaving.

“No, she did not make it clear that she was going to choose Davide in the recoupling that got me booted out,” Antigoni said. “She literally made it seem like she was going to choose Charlie. The thing that bothered me was the misleading.” The host then asked if Antigoni had wanted honesty, and she replied: “Not even honesty. Just not dishonesty because all the girls were like ‘what?’ because she pulled two of the girls she wasn’t going to pick Davide. She should pick who ever she wants. It was frustrating because even if you just pulled me to the side and was like… babes…”

Antigoni has also been accused of “slut-shaming” Ekin-Su, in a resurfaced video. The video is believed to have been posted on Antigoni’s Instagram Story after the Casa Amor episodes of Love Island were aired and it is now being shared on Twitter. In the video Antigoni questions Ekin-Su’s behaviour in Casa Amor.

Speaking to camera, she says: “Ekin-Su said that Davide failed his test but I wonder if she’ll tell him that she was taking secret exams with one of the Casa Amor boys?” People have called out the video, calling Antigoni a “slut-shaming bully”.

In a statement made to The Tab, Antigoni said she would never slut-shame a woman and wishes all the best for Davide and Ekin-Su. She said: “I would never slut shame another woman. That video clip was taken out of context from an ‘episode review’ I did where I spoke about everything that happened in that episode, in a jokey tongue & cheek way. I don’t say anything ‘slut shamey’ or derogatory towards Ekin and genuinely want the best for her and Davide.”

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