‘I was exhausted’: All the salty things the Islanders have said about the Love Island reunion

Even they’ve called it out saying the juicy bits were cut out

There’s no point in sugar-coating it: The Love Island 2022 reunion was bad. Like, really bad. We thought it was going to be full of drama and new gossip, but what we got was boring and forced fun. And you know it’s awful when even the cast of Love Island 2022 themselves are getting salty over the reunion episode.

Yep, the Islanders themselves have come out since the episode aired and said they too were disappointed. They’ve said they were too tired to make it dramatic, said the best bits were cut out, and a load of Islanders didn’t even bother tuning in. Here are all the salty things the Islanders have said about the Love Island 2022 reunion show.

Dami Hope

Dami has been the most vocal about the Love Island reunion this year, live tweeting his thoughts as he watched the episode. Lots of people were commenting on how he looked “tired” on the show, and like he didn’t want to be there. “Pls pls I was happy just legit no energy, exhausted after carrying the show for two months,” he said about these comments.

He also said that he thought the Islanders would be given a bit more time between coming out of the villa and filming the reunion show. He said he was “fighting for my life to keep my eyes open” and when someone replied saying he was in “no mood” to film, Dami replied that he thought they’d get at least two weeks of rest.

Dami went on to call out the show for not showing us everything that went down between Coco and Summer. “That was mid compared to what happened,” he replied to someone asking him if we’d seen the full argument.

Summer Botwe

Summer has also called out the reunion for cutting scenes between her and Coco. “Of course they edited it, we move thooo,” she said in a tweet. She also liked a tweet from podcast host Murad Merali, which said: “Why did this man cut off Summer and Coco? There was a lot to be unpackaged there. Mad.”

Indiyah Polack

Ok, only a real subtle hint at being salty, but nonetheless, Indiyah shared a meme lowkey saying the jokes at the Love Island 2022 reunion were shady and not that funny. She didn’t lie.

Deji Adeniyi

It was possibly the worst moment of the entire Love Island reunion, and even Deji wasn’t impressed with the cast lip-syncing to One Direction, and he was part of it!


The reunion was boring,except for summer v coco #loveisland #loveislanduk #deji #summer

♬ original sound – princess ti-ya

On his Instagram story reacting to the clip, Deji can be seen shaking his head and holding his mouth. “I’m finished,” he said. “You think I can roll around ends after this?” Probably not. He also shared himself watching the Coco and Summer drama, saying “this is the problems I was after” but said “bro, if they really showed..” and then cut himself off, as though he was going to make a comment about what else should have been in the episode. 👀

Antigoni Buxton

It was pretty awkward when Antigoni just plugged her single out of nowhere, but she’s since hinted on Twitter that she thought that was a bit random, too. On the show she said that she had been inspired by her time in the villa to write a new single, which is out soon. She’s clarified on Twitter “By the way I wrote ‘You Can Have Him’ in April” – so ummm, why did you say that? Was it a staged thing or?

Ikenna Ekwonna

Ikenna posted a poll on Twitter during the show, asking people to vote for how bad the episode was. I’m not sure if Ikenna meant to be 100 per cent salty here, but he for sure knew what he was doing.

He only gave the positive options as “good” whereas the negative was “lost 1.5 hours of life” which I think pretty much sums up how he was feeling. The viewers agreed, 71.8 per cent said they can’t get those hours back, but only 2.9 per cent said the show was decent.

He also liked a tweet that said “they should have let Summer n Coco scrap”. Make of that what you will.

Gemma Owen and Luca Bish

A lot of the Islanders this year shaded the reunion by not even bothering to watch it. But, you’d kind of expect the finalists to tune in. Gemma and Luca clearly didn’t care much for the show, posting multiple times about how they hadn’t watched, and were out on a date night instead. Fair enough.

Salty things the 2022 Islanders have said about the Love Island reunion episode

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