Revealed: Exactly what happened with Coco and Summer at the Love Island reunion, in full

Apparently Coco walked out of the set and people had to cheer her on to come back in

A TikToker who was at the Love Island reunion has revealed everything that happened between Coco and Summer that was not shown on TV to viewers. It was previously reported that producers had to step in as things began to go off-script after a heated argument between the former Casa Amor bombshells erupted at the reunion. Coco and Summer have been feuding and have even unfollowed each other since Coco’s comments on a podcast about her regret not sleeping with Josh Le Grove who is dating Summer.

Despite being shown a small part of the two bickering, a whole lot more actually went down which resulted in producers having to walk onto the set to defuse the argument.

Olivia Tollerson, who was at the reunion, has revealed in a TikTok exactly what went down. She said: “The Saving Grace podcast was directly mentioned. Summer addressed Coco and said ‘well that’s not what friends do, why would you say you’re going to shag my man on a podcast?’. Coco then responded, ‘I don’t care, it’s just a shag I’ll shag anyone that I want.’ And then Coco went on a bit of a tangent where she just started talking about sex and having sex with people. It was a bit weird and everyone was kind of looking at each other. Even the finalists on the sofa where all like ‘what is going on?’.

“And then it got more bickery, they were both snapping at each other. I can’t remember direct phrases but it was just things like ‘why would you do that?’. I think at this point Coco realised she had backed herself into a corner by saying this. It then started to get really  bad and the people holding scripts were having to walk onto set where all the tables are and people were looking round at each other and everybody sat that room knew that this was off-script, this was a real argument.

“The presenter, the one that was cut down the argument, he shut it down because I think someone told him to. But it didn’t end very naturally, they did have to shut it down. And then Coco did actually walk off the Love Island set and we all had to cheer her back on after the break because she just didn’t come back on set.”


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Before the reunion episode was aired, another person who was at the show shared what happened while they were filming. Hattie said: “Summer made a comment about friends not being realy friends on the outside, and Coco was trying to defend herself by saying ‘it was all banter’. They kept going back and forth over the boys (Josh and Billy) for a fair few minutes, production obviously had no idea of the context from the podcast episode.”

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