Secret kisses and huge rows: The shocking unaired Love Island 2022 scenes we never saw

I demand a second movie night where we get to see all of this!


Love Island this year turned out to be a very, very good series. Most of that was down to Ekin-Su, but overall it provided a lot of drama, some good laughs and couples we love, and love to hate. However it’s looking as though, despite all the chaos they managed to pack in, there were some pretty dramatic scenes from Love Island 2022 that were unaired.

From cheating claims, topless massages and huge fights – it looks as though condensing each villa day into one episode left a lot of juicy stuff behind. So strap in, because we missed a LOT. Here are all the secret Love Island 2022 unaired scenes the producers so meanly stole away from us.

Billy says a lot more went down between him and Gemma in unaired scenes

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We all remember what happened at movie night with Luca, when there was even the slightest suggestion that Gemma had entertained Billy – despite it being shown that she gave him a friendly brush off. But since, Billy has claimed Gemma told him he could pull her for a chat, in unaired scenes.

Speaking to Capital, he said: “Yeah I think you didn’t see everything with me and Gemma. All the chats, everything she was saying that made me think, ‘I’m gonna start flirting as well’. Because I wouldn’t start flirting with someone that wasn’t flirting with me, so there was a lot more to it, it’s crazy.

“She said at the start, ‘pull me for a chat if you want’ and I just didn’t. Obviously then got distracted by all the other girls because they’re lovely as well. I don’t regret it but if I was to go back I’d have pulled her for a chat.”

He said Gemma got off lightly in the movie night challenge and that things “would have definitely been different and he [Luca] knows that”, had Billy had been placed in the villa right at the start.

‘Ekin-who? Ekin your mum’

Unaired scenes and cut drama from Love Island 2022

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I feel robbed, because apparently during Ekin-Su and Nathalia’s beef where Nathalia turned to her and shouted “Ekin who?” Ekin replied “Ekin your mum!” God, she’s an icon.

Indiyah apparently cheated on Dami ‘multiple times’ at Casa Amor

Deji has claimed at Indiyah cheated on Dami at Casa Amor “multiple times” but it wasn’t show in the series. Speaking on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast, Deji said: “There were conversations that we had where she would come to me and be like ‘oh he said this, this and this’ but she would be sat on my lap kissing me. So, then it was like I had nothing to worry about. There was never any inkling that made me go ‘OK you’re here today but gone tomorrow’.”

After saying this, Deji was shocked that people didn’t know this, and asked: “Did it not show?” before confirming they kissed “a few times”.

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Summer had a topless massage from Dami

Coco has claimed a lot more went down between Summer and Dami. She told The Sun: “I think there were a few scenes with some of us, like Summer had a massage from Dami and she was topless, that wasn’t aired.”

There was plenty of unaired beef between Jacques and Remi

Unaired scenes and cut drama from Love Island 2022

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Straight after he was dumped from the villa, Remi went in on Jacques, saying he “hates” him and that Jacques had ruined his experience on the show. He said they had multiple rows in the villa, claimed Jacques would imitate his accent all the time and would often use his rugby persona as an excuse to wind people up.

In an interview, Remi said: “I don’t know why he [Jacques] gets so brave on the cameras. He would just take the mick out of everyone. Everyone says it’s ‘just banter’ but like, it’s banter to a certain point but I think when someone constantly does something, you’re going to get annoyed.

“I gave him three strikes. After the first strike I was like, ‘you’ve got to stop now’. I’m trying to find someone, and I know what you’re doing, you’re trying to cause commotion.”

Ekin-Su and Davide had lots more arguments

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Of course we all saw the argument between Davide and Ekin-Su which ended in him calling her a “liar” and an “actress”. But apparently, there was a lot more that happened around that time, too!

Featuring on Murad Merali’s podcast, Ikenna said: “There weren’t any fallouts, just heated conversations. With Ekin-Su and Davide they only showed one argument but that whole argument was broken up into two or three on the same night. There were two or three arguments, that were going back and forth, from the firepit to the daybeds to the little corner bit.”

Coco has said she and Paige had drama that wasn’t shown

Coco took to a TikTok live to say she had drama with Paige, which was left out of the show. She said she felt as though Paige had an “issue with her”. This came after fellow Islander Summer revealed the boys allegedly called Coco a “4/10” in a conversation with Paige, again in unaired scenes. Paige apparently “wouldn’t give up” who said it.

Coco then went on a TikTok live addressing the Paige drama. “She just had some sort of issue with me when she told Summer she didn’t like my vibe,” Coco said. “I’ve only just found this out. I said yesterday she got annoyed when somebody said we looked similar, because she didn’t want to look like me. She told Gemma giggling that the boys had said I was a 4/10 and she was a 12, which isn’t nice or kind behaviour.

“And then to go and tell one of my best friends Summer that she doesn’t like my vibes when I didn’t do anything in there besides try really hard with her because she was the least welcoming to all of us. I was trying really, really hard with her to try and form a bond. I just felt like she still had an issue with me.”

Unaired scenes and cut drama from Love Island 2022

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Jazmine says she had a row with Coco too!

Dumped Islander Jazmine has said she had an unaired row with fellow Love Island 2022 Casa Amor Islander Coco, all about more unseen scenes with Andrew. She literally had no airtime on the show, which she’s said was odd considering Andrew told her he had “manifested” her and they had a strong connection.

Speaking on the Murad Merali podcast, she said: “He [Andrew] literally said ‘my prayers have been answered, you’re the girl’. He kissed me and Cheyanne and said, ‘you are my top two,’ Coco was never mentioned. Jazmine claims when she spoke to Andrew he had told her: “I manifested you Jaz, you’re the girl of my dreams.”

When it came to sleeping arrangements, Jazmine claims she had a conversation with Andrew and he said: “I’m going to sleep outside on the daybed to respect Tasha. But it’s not because I don’t want to share it with you.” However, as viewers saw in the episodes, Andrew shared a bed with Coco.

Jazmine has said she expressed her feelings to Coco, who then went on to kiss Andrew. “I was shouting at Coco,” she said. “I’m a girls’ girl through and through so if you disrespect me when I’ve let you in, it’s kind of like ‘why did you say I could trust you?'”

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