Luca and Gemma say they’ll become official this month and Luca is moving ‘near her family’

But Gemma has said if her mum doesn’t approve ‘that will be the end of it’

This week saw the end of Love Island 2022 and we crowned our new winners, Ekin-Su and Davide. Behind them in the vote were Luca and Gemma, who ended Love Island this year in second place.

Since leaving the Love Island villa behind them, Luca and Gemma have spoken about what’s next for them as a couple. They were the only finalist couple to not become exclusive or boyfriend and girlfriend on the show, with Gemma saying she didn’t want to label the relationship until they were back in the outside world. So what do they have planned?

Love Island 2022 finalists Gemma Owen and Luca Bish

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Luca has said he knows how he plans to ask Gemma to be his girlfriend, and it will be soon

Luca and Gemma never became official as a couple in the Love Island villa, but Luca has said he already has plans of how he’s going to do it. “There is a plan and it will hopefully happen in the next month and I’m sure you’ll see it unfold,” he said. “It’ll be something to do with a swimming pool.”

Gemma added that Luca “knows me well enough now to not do anything too cringe” and said she trusts him to make sure she will love it, whatever it ends up to be. Sounds mysterious? 👀

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Luca is moving to be closer to Gemma’s family

Gemma’s family live in Cheshire, and Luca is from Brighton – so they are definitely one of the Love Island couples this year who have distance to contend with. They’ve said they will move in together in the future, but right now Luca is looking at moving to be closer to Gemma’s family, at the least.

“There is no middle ground – it’s Chester or nothing!” he said. “I’m happy to go wherever she wants me to go. I haven’t got too many commitments back home so it’s easier for me to move. Whatever makes us happy and whatever is right we’ll do. Hopefully if I move near her, in time we’ll get a place together. Just to be near her family I’ll love. Hearing stories about her barbecues and stuff like that, I’m quite excited and I feel like I’ll fit right in.”

Gemma said that beyond impressing her family, Luca will have to impress her horse, Sirius. “If Sirius doesn’t like Luca then it’s pretty much game over,” she said.

Love Island 2022 finalists Gemma Owen and Luca Bish

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‘If my mum says absolutely not, that would be the end of it’

Gemma has made it very clear that family is one of her biggest values. She said her mum’s opinion on Luca is a complete game changer, and can be the end of their relationship, should she not approve. “If my mum was like ‘absolutely not’ then yeah I think that would be the end of it,” she said. “I haven’t had a chance to speak to her properly but from the small bits I’ve heard, she’s really happy and likes him.”

Luca said he was “nervous” about meeting Gemma’s family, and said he’s “been anxious” about meeting her mum and hearing what she’s got to say. Gemma’s not scared about meeting Luca’s family though, she said: “I’m not really nervous to meet Luca’s family. I think they all seem absolutely lovely and I’m not nervous for Luca to meet mine because I think they’ll get on and he’ll fit straight in. His personality, his banter and what he loves, I think he’ll get on with everyone.”

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