Paige Coco Love Island drama

‘It wasn’t kind behaviour’: Coco reveals drama with Paige that Love Island didn’t air

‘I didn’t do anything in there besides try really hard with her because she was the least welcoming’

Coco Lodge has gone on TikTok live and revealed unaired drama between her and Paige, stating that she felt like Paige had an “issue with her” when the two were in the villa for Love Island 2022. This comes off the back of fellow Casa Amor Islander Summer Botwe also claiming that Paige was “standoffish” towards Coco in the villa.

Summer first said on a podcast that “Paige mentioned about Coco that she doesn’t like her vibe, things like that. I mentioned the 4/10 comment and I said ‘People are saying Coco is a 4/10 to you Paige and it’s just not nice, who said it?’ She wasn’t giving up who said it. You could notice she was quite standoffish with the girls from the start. It was very difficult. She wouldn’t give the name, but if I found out who did say that about Coco I would have gone off on one.

“You’re not about to say that about one of my girls. It was hard enough for all of us to come back from Casa and now people are calling each other 4/10s, it’s not on.” Speaking on why she told Coco about the 4/10 comment, Summer then said the following: “I told Coco that because she’s my friend. I’m not going to let someone sit there and slag her off when she’s not a 4/10, she’s far from a 4/10, she’s a 10/10. That’s why I told her as my friend.

“What happened is this was after lunch, so all the boys and girls are separated. All the girls are in the den sitting together. Paige left the den and went to the kitchen, and some of the boys are around the kitchen. When she was in the kitchen, someone must have made the 4/10 comment. She then came back to then den and she was whispering to Gemma, but I could hear this. She said to Gemma ‘One of the boys said Paige you’re a 12/10, don’t worry Coco is only a 4/10.’ They were just giggling to each other. She never mentioned the boy’s name that said it, she just said the boys.

“As soon as I heard that and we could get back to normal, I immediately told Coco. You’re not going to sit there and say Coco’s a 4/10, cause she’s not. Coco had a difficult time in there as is, and to have people still slagging her off was like, why?”

Coco Lodge then went on a TikTok live addressing the Paige Love Island drama. “She just had some sort of issue with me when she told Summer she didn’t like my vibe. I’ve only just found this out. I said yesterday she got annoyed when somebody said we looked similar, because she didn’t want to look like me. She told Gemma giggling that the boys had said I was a 4/10 and she was a 12, which isn’t nice or kind behaviour. And then to go and tell one of my best friends Summer that she doesn’t like my vibes when I didn’t do anything in there besides try really hard with her because she was the least welcoming to all of us. I was trying really, really hard with her to try and form a bond. I just felt like she still had an issue with me.

“I never got with Jacques, I just didn’t get her issue with me. Is it because I was another brunette? I don’t know.” Coco then clarified on a live about Paige and the Love Island drama that “She didn’t bully me. She just wasn’t welcoming or friendly to begin with at all. I made effort. I actually tried. I don’t get annoyed if someone says I look like someone, because I’m not ugly. So, why you getting annoyed?”

On her behalf, the Paige Thorne account handler posted a story seemingly addressing the Coco Lodge Love Island drama stating: “Please remember there are two sides to every story. It’s very easy to talk about someone who cannot defend themselves. Those who know and love Paige know she’s an amazing person and I for one couldn’t be more proud of her.”

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