The Love Island 2022 finalists talk moving in together, having kids and weddings

One couple has said they’re moving in ‘for sure’ and another’s already got promise rings!!

The Love Island 2022 finalists are heading home, after an eventful final and conclusion to the show this year. We have new winners, and this week saw Tasha and Andrew awarded fourth place, Indiyah and Dami third and Gemma and Luca second.

The finalists this year have dived straight into telling us what their lives after Love Island 2022 are going to entail. The couples have all left the villa strong, and heading towards moving in together, going on proper dates, making things official, meeting extended family, and even marriage and children.

Here’s what the Love Island 2022 finalists have all said about what’s next for them, after leaving the villa.

The finalists of Love Island 2022 and their exit interviews after the villa

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Dami and Indiyah want kids together

We saw Dami and Indiyah win the babies challenge together, and it looks as though that’s got them in the mood to be parents. “I feel like Dami is maybe ready to be a dad,” Indiyah said. “He’s actually a perfect dad. Seeing Dami with baby Sienna was really cute. But kids, definitely in the future and it was nice to see Dami being hands on. I know in the future, he’ll be a great dad.”

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They’ve said they won’t move in together straight away, but it something they want in the future

When asked if they want to move in together, Indiyah said: “I feel like eventually, yeah. Dami wants to come to London. Not straight away. We have to look around, spend time, meet families and stuff and do it when the time is right. I feel like it won’t be an issue because we’ve spent so much time together and we know that we can live together.”

Dami added: “I’m going to move to London but I don’t know if we’ll get our own place so soon.”

The finalists of Love Island 2022 and their exit interviews after the villa

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Indiyah and Dami kept the ring from the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge, and honestly this is the cutest thing ever

So it turns out, despite how messy the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge was for them, Indiyah kept her ring and she’s been wearing it on her wedding finger! Eeeep! “It’s our promise ring,” she said. “But now we’re actually boyfriend and girlfriend, I’ve got to wait for a real ring…”

Tasha and Andrew have spoken about a wedding, and are moving in together!

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In their exit interview, Tasha and Andrew said they have spoken about getting married already. Tasha has said the wedding won’t be too soon though, she said: “I’ve never been in love before, and the way I love Andrew is the first time I’ve felt it. I do get a bit ahead of myself. I need to remember to live in the moment and just think one step at a time.”

However, she said the next thing on the cards is moving in together! “Definitely we’ll move in, for sure, as we’re both in London,” she said. They want a flat together, and are already planning some Love Island inspired decor to kit it out with. They admitted they stole the plaques with their names on from their Love Island bed, and that will go in their home together.

Tasha added: “I definitely want a neon sign that says ‘Good Vibes.’ I even want a Love Island tattoo on my finger, to represent how I met Andrew. We’ve said we want the decor to be modern vibes.” She said it needs a hot tub too, and Andrew added: “Me being in real estate and my parents being in property, I’ll have to have a say, but we’ll do it together. Ultimately if she’s happy I’m happy.”

Andrew’s drafting in the Love Island dates team when he proposes to Tasha

“The proposal, I’d have to get the date team from the show in to help me out,” Andrew said. Tasha added that she wants the wedding to be in Italy, surrounded by gorgeous scenery, nice flowers, and “Andrew standing and waiting for me”. Where’s my invite?

The finalists of Love Island 2022 and their exit interviews after the villa

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Luca and Gemma have also said they have plans to move in together in the future

Gemma’s family live in Cheshire, and Luca is from Brighton – but Luca has said distance isn’t going to be an issue for them. He’s planning to move near her family, and they’ll move in together at some point in the future.

“There is no middle ground – it’s Chester or nothing!” he said. “I’m happy to go wherever she wants me to go. I haven’t got too many commitments back home so it’s easier for me to move. Whatever makes us happy and whatever is right we’ll do. Hopefully if I move near her, in time we’ll get a place together. Just to be near her family I’ll love. Hearing stories about her barbecues and stuff like that, I’m quite excited and I feel like I’ll fit right in.”

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Jacques IS getting an invite to their wedding

It was awkward when Jacques entered the villa, and then Gemma had to live with her ex and Luca. But Luca and Jacques seemed to become quite close, and now he’s said despite the history with Gemma, Jacques would get an invite to his wedding. However, he said Jacques being best man would be a definite “step too far”. Fair enough.

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