Jacques has finally apologised after backlash over his ‘offensive’ behaviour

Remi has accused him of ‘bullying’ and videos have surfaced of Jaques mocking Tasha

Jacques O’Neill has apologised, several days after footage emerged of him making digs at his fellow Love Island co-stars including Tasha, Remi and Paige.

Earlier this week, Jacques and Luca went on an Instagram live and laughed about Paige (who was with Jacques in the villa before he left, and is now in a relationship with Adam Collard), said shady things about Paige and Adam’s relationship, and mocked Remi and his rapping.

Since the videos emerged, Remi has accused Luca and Jacques of “bullying” and said they should have been kicked out of the villa because of their behaviour.

Last week, Jacques was being dragged for mocking Tasha in a leaked video. In the clip, which was shared on Twitter and believed to be from a private Instagram story, Jacques is seen mocking Tasha whilst she is speaking during her and Andrew’s speeches to each other in the final. Jacques said: “You are a liar, actress, get the fuck out,” and laughed at the camera whilst filming himself.

Now, Jacques has acknowledged his behaviour and posted an apology on his Instagram story, saying he’s sorry if his behaviour has “caused offence or been misinterpreted”.

He said: “I just want to acknowledge the situation that’s happening right now and apologise if my behaviour has caused offence or been misinterpreted over the last few weeks. I genuinely have no bad feelings towards anyone and I’ve not meant for anything to come across that way at all. It was not my intention and I’m genuinely sorry if it has.”

Jacques went on to say he probably hasn’t handled himself in the “best way possible”, and says he takes full responsibility for his actions. He says he had his first therapy session this week and called it a step in the right direction, but said he isn’t asking for sympathy and wants to move forward positively.

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“Life has been very overwhelming recently and admittedly I’ve probably not handled myself in the best possible way. I take full responsibility for my actions. I’m aware I’m far from perfect and that there is work that needs to be done on myself. I had my first therapy session on Monday which really took me out of my comfort zone, I know I have needed this for years but it’s only now I have decided to get help.

“I know it’s a step in the right direction for me even after just one session. I’m not asking for sympathy, I just want to acknowledge the situation and move forward as positively as I can. However, I know this can be used as an important lesson for me moving forward and over the coming years.”

He ended with apologising to anyone he’s “let down” and says he wants to spread positivity: “I hope I can become the person I want to be and use this new platform to spread a positive message. I’m sorry to anyone that I have let down.”

Luca’s reps and ITV have previously been contacted by The Tab for comment over the accusations.

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