Luca and Jacques Instagram Live

More vids from Luca and Jacques’ Instagram live have emerged and yikes

Luca said Ekin-Su and Davide only ‘carried the season’ because him and Jacques were ‘out the picture’

Former Love Island 2022 contestants Luca Bish and Jacques O’Neill have come under fire following an Instagram live where they were making digs and mocking their fellow Islanders, including Paige Thorne and Remi Lambert. In the live, Jacques and Luca spoke about Paige and Adam’s relationship, making shady comments and remarks about the two and began to mock Remi and his rapping. Since the videos surfaced, Remi released a statement saying the the two show “clear signs of bullying”. Now, even more videos have been shared on social media of the two making jokes about the other Islanders who they were in the villa with during this season of the show.

They said Ekin-Su and Davide carried the season after Jacques left the villa

During the live, the two were asked who they thought deserved to win Love Island 2022 and Luca said: “Davide and Ekin-Su made the best of it, they were by far the best. There isn’t competing with them two.” Jacques agreed and Luca went onto say Ekin-Su and Davide carried the show for the final weeks after Jacques had left the villa. He said: “They carried it for the last two weeks. As soon as you and me were out the picture.”

Jacques read out a comment from Luca’s sister on the live who said: “You two need media training big time.” Jacques responded and said: “Claudia you can teach us if you want”. Later on in the live, Jacques said if him and Luca coupled up together they would have won.

The two kept laughing and spoke sarcastically any time Paige was mentioned

When Jacques and Luca started the live they began to answer questions from viewers in the comments. Luca read out a question that said: “Do you still like Paige?” and both of them began to laugh about it. Luca read out another question asking if Jacques had spoken to Paige at all to which he said he hadn’t. Luca sarcastically replied: “Well that went well didn’t it.” When looking for other questions, Luca said: “They keep asking Paige questions, what are they on about?”


Okay so people wanted the full live so this is part 1πŸ™ˆ#fypγ‚·#foryou #jaqueslvv

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They said there were ‘hardly any’ scenes shown of the two of them together

Jacques and Luca shared there were loads of scenes that were cut out from the show of two of them together. Luca said: “They never showed us two napping together.” Jacques agreed and said: “You know what, they never showed a lot of us to be fair. It didn’t show that much of us.” Luca continued to say: “They didn’t show hardly any of us”.


Part 2😭#fypγ‚·#foryou#foryoupage #jaqueslvv

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