Paige responds to criticism

Love Island’s Paige Thorne says Islanders talk about her to stay ‘relevant’

‘Why can’t you focus on yourself and all the positive things, rather than talk sh*t about everyone else?’

Love Island contestant Paige Thorne has clapped back at ex-Islanders who have criticised her since leaving the villa. Speaking on Toby Aromolaran’s Fancy A Chat? podcast, Paige has defended herself and slammed those who have spoken negatively about her and others since all being on Love Island together.

This comes after a recent interview in which Danica Taylor shared she wished she had spoken to Paige over the way she treated her while they were on the show together. Danica isn’t the only Islander who has spoken out against Paige. Casa Amor bombshell Coco Lodge said she felt Paige had an “issue with her” while in the villa together and Summer Botwe claimed Paige was “standoffish” towards Coco.

During the podcast, Toby asked Paige how she felt about people speaking on podcasts talking about “everyone else” since the show finished. Paige said: “People have got to do what they’ve got to do. If you’ve got to talk sh*t about someone else to keep yourself relevant, that’s fine. It’s not my vibe. Why can’t you focus on yourself and all the positive things, rather than talk sh*t about everyone else? I’m not about that life. I’m in my little positive bubble and I stay firmly inside it. People just want to try to pop it sometimes but it’s impenetrable, so no.”

Toby said a lot of people will try and “drag you down”, to which Paige replied and said: “They try.”

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