Inside Andrew’s luxurious life: From his love for fitness to his boujee Dubai lifestyle

Tandrew are soooo underrated

It’s fair to say that Andrew Le Page has had quite the Love Island journey. From coupling up with Tasha on day one to *that* Casa Amor incident, Andrew really has taken us on an emotional rollercoaster.

The 27-year-old’s relationship with model and dancer Tasha Ghouri saw him sweep fourth place in this year’s competition, meaning they missed out on the £50,000 prize money. Nevertheless the couple seem to be going from strength to strength with Tasha recently bagging a brand deal with eBay. 

The couple have most definitely stolen our hearts and I can’t wait to see what they do next. Here is everything you need to know about Andrew’s life outside of the villa:

Life in Guernsey

Andrew was born and raised on the Channel Island of Guernsey and reportedly lived there, up until moving to Dubai in August 2021.

Andrew’s Instagram is flooded with picturesque views and stunning scenery and it is clear that there is more than one island in his life. According to an Instagram get to know Q&A, Andrew is a big fan of Guernsey’s Cobo (which sounds a lot like Coco…) Bay, because of its stunning sunset and beautiful views.

via Instagram @andrewlepage

Andrew is a fitness fanatic

Like many of his fellow Islanders past and present, Andrew is a big fitness fanatic and even worked as a PT. Andrew was based at Upgrade Fitness in Guernsey from August 2020 and advertised his sessions to his Instagram followers.

Andrew is also a fan of playing hockey and cricket and a series of home fitness videos which show him taking full advantage of lockdown and working out in his garden. Good to see that someone used the time wisely!

via Instagram @andrewlepage

And high flying real estate agent!

According to his LinkedIn profile, Andrew started working for the Dubai based real estate company Betterhomes in August 2021. The get to know Q&A on Instagram, orchestrated by Andrew’s brother and friends, said his new career move “was too big of an opportunity to miss out on”.

via Instagram @andrewlepage

Andrew’s Instagram bears many pictures of him living his best life in Dubai and the view of the city from his apartment is quite something:

via Instagram @andrewlepage

He is no stranger to stunning holidays

Love Island is not the first time that Andrew has visited Mallorca and it is clear that the island where the show is filmed is one of his favourite travel destinations. His Instagram show him travelling to many different locations however, including Paris, Barcelona and even Val Thorens ski resort in the French Alps.

via Instagram @andrewlepage

Andrew’s life before the villa circled a lot around travelling to different places and many of his posts show him climbing and posing for pictures. Like many of this year’s Islanders, he is rarely in one place for long and spends a lot of time exploring different parts of the world.

via Instagram @andrewlepage

I for one can’t wait to see what kind of travelling adventures him and Tasha embark on in the future and Andrew’s life is definitely one to be jealous of… or whatever.

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