Inside Tasha’s vibey life: From her boujee home to modelling and dancing around the world

She’s just signed a brand deal with eBay!

Tasha had such a character arc on this year’s Love Island, ending the series in fourth place, loved-up with her boyfriend Andrew. And it feels like the whole country is in love with the pair of them too, people are simply obsessed with Tandrew. Tasha has just announced a brand deal with eBay, becoming the company’s first ever pre-loved ambassador, in the first official brand deal of Love Island 2022!

From Love Island we know she’s an absolute style icon as well a professional dancer, but who actually is Tasha in real life outside the villa? Here’s a look inside her life:

Tasha lives in London and her house is stun

Originally from Yorkshire, Tasha said on Love Island that she now lives in east London. She’s a massive vibe so honestly where else would she live? In the villa she and Andrew were deciding where to move, because she lives in east and he’s in west London. But speaking about it in a Q&A run by her mates on her Insta stories whilst Tasha was in the villa, they said “east is superior” so it looks like Tasha may be getting her own way.

Her house looks so boujee, lots of white and wood with plants, including a huge palm tree in her kitchen which you can see here:

via Instagram @tashaghouri

via Instagram @tashaghouri

She has a dance degree and has even performed in ski resorts

And she has a degree! Tasha studied a BA in dance performance at Creative Academy, part of the University of West London.

Since then she’s worked as a dancer, performing on stage as well as at vibey après ski destination Folie Douce in Val d’Isere in France. She was there for a season in 2020, before having to come home in March when Covid kicked off. In her Instagram highlight of Folie Douce are separate stories from both MIC’s Lucy Watson and ex-Islander Gabby Allen, both of whom filmed the dancers and general vibes. Neither of them tagged her, Tasha screen recorded the stories and reposted them. A wild crossover though!

As well as her ski season, Tasha’s been on loads of luxury holidays

Her boyfriend Andrew has lived and worked in Dubai, but it looks like Tasha’s no stranger to travel either. Tasha’s Instagram shows her in luxury locations in the likes of Greece and Mexico, as well as working and doing modelling shoots abroad.

Tasha spends a lot of time with her friends and her Instagram looks like they have so much fun, she loves a drink and a night out. And she even went to see JLS at the O2 last year!

via Instagram @tashaghouri

Tasha has modelled for the likes of Asos and Boux Avenue

In case it wasn’t obvious from her hair, Tasha is a Leo. She’s just turned 24 years old and has a Leo tattoo on her ribs.

As well as being a dancer, Tasha is a model and has worked for the likes of Asos and Boux Avenue.

via Asos / Instagram @tashaghouri

Last year Asos was praised for their images, which showed Tasha wearing her cochlear implant whilst modelling clothes and jewellery. One person wrote on Twitter they were “definitely not crying”, saying: “It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a model with a hearing impairment, let alone an earring model and its so refreshing to see this kind of representation for people like me”.

via Asos / Twitter

Tasha is vocal about what she calls her “superpower”. On her Instagram she explained the small hairs in her cochlear were missing and damaged when she was born, and no one knows why. She wears a cochlear implant, and when she was younger she and her whole family learned sign language. “As I got older I became less dependant on it because of the cochlear implant and learning to lip read”, she wrote.

When the outer piece of her device is turned off Tasha can’t hear anything, she can just feel beats and vibrations. People sound a little robotic, but she says her “brain has adapted to it” along with her using lip reading and body language.

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Featured image via Instagram @tashaghouri