What brand deals the 2022 Love Islanders should get, based on their overall vibe

If Davide doesn’t bring out a cookbook called ‘Did anyone order an Italian snack?’ I will riot

If there’s one thing Love Island is actually about, it isn’t love – it’s brand deals. When the Islanders leave the villa it’s to DMs full of brands offering them all sorts. Maybe it’s something lame like car air freshener, or maybe it’s something that’s actually cool and worth big, big bucks. But what will all of this year’s Islanders get up to, now they’re back in the real world??

Here are predictions of which brand deals the iconic 2022 Islanders should be getting, based on their overall vibes. Fashion icon Tasha deserves an ASOS deal, Davide will cook carbonara on This Morning, and Ekin-Su should rightfully get deals with every single brand under the sun. Let’s get in to it, then:


Liar, actress, and queen of the villa Ekin-Su deserves the absolute world. She was the breath of fresh air Love Island was crying out for, and now people are calling for her to replace Laura Whitmore as host of the show. Having an ex-contestant present the show would bring a different sense of relatability to what the Islanders are going through and it would work SO well, Ekin-Su would be the perfect choice for it.

After leading workout sessions in the villa, Ekin-Su is definitely going to come out with her own range of gym gear, and I can really see her being the face of a boujee brand, or maybe even in a perfume advert? Someone on Twitter said she’s “giving the next face of Daisy Marc Jacobs” and it would be iconic, I mean who wouldn’t want to smell like Ekin-Su?? Move over Molly-Mae because apparently “global, corporate brands” want to work with Queen-Su, meaning she could become Love Island’s most successful contestant ever.


Davide’s main talent is being fit and Italian and you really have to respect it. He needs to get on Celebrity Masterchef and wow Gregg Wallace with his prowess at making carbonara. Then one day Gino D’Acampo will be on holiday and This Morning will ring up Davide begging him to fill in. He’ll end up getting a permanent spot on the show, a cookbook called “Did anyone order an Italian snack?”, and his own range of pasta ready meals in Tesco.

Love Islanders’ contracts also apparently include exclusivity rights to ITV, and most years an iconic contestant or duo get a spin-off show. This year it’s rumoured to be Davide and Ekin-Su because of how much everyone loves them, and I for one cannot wait to see them travelling around Italy and Turkey like the icons they are.


via Instagram @tashaghouri

If you’ve watched one millisecond of this year’s Love Island, you’ll know Tasha is by far and away the best dressed in the villa. From her cowboy boots to *that* sequin dress, every single day was an absolute fashion moment. She’s obviously destined for a big fashion deal, and ASOS would make so much sense.

It’s not just because she’s a fashion queen either, Tasha already has connections to ASOS. Last year’s winner Millie had worked as a buyer’s administrator for ASOS before entering the show, and after winning she signed what was believed to be a multi-million pound deal and become the global face of the brand. Tasha is a model and has worked for ASOS before, so could she see something similar to what Millie had? No matter what the company is, in a few months’ time Tasha will defo be the face of a fashion brand.


Every year an Islander ends up on Dancing on Ice, and this year I think the baton will fall to Andrew. He somehow went from being one of the most disliked Islanders, to licking Coco’s tit (or whatever) and then in the final few days of the series he did a complete 180 and made everyone fall in love with him. The mums would love him, and Tasha’s a dancer so she could help coach him. A match made in heaven.

Oh and as a luxury real estate agent, he’s obviously getting some sort of cameo in the next season of Selling Sunset. That’s a given.


via Instagram @damihope

If Tasha is this year’s fashion queen, Dami was the fashion king. Sorry but his outfits were such a vibe and he has a bucket hat for every occasion. In his future I envision Dami having some kind of men’s fashion collab – he’s simply screaming BooHoo Man.

In the long term Dami will defo have his own range of bucket hats with fun prints and slogans. He also somehow managed to make Crocs cool, and I can just see the #ad post on his Insta now.


There’s always an Islander who goes down the makeup, haircare and skincare route, and this year I reckon it’ll be Indiyah. Indiyah is such a vibe and her makeup always looked so good in the villa, especially her eyes and lashes. Last year’s iconic bestie duo Kaz and Liberty have their own beauty edits with Makeup Revolution, and Indiyah would be perfect for that.

Her clothes are also so cool and I can see her being the face of a fashion brand, but something a bit cooler and more festival vibes than ASOS – maybe even Depop?


via Instagram @gemowen_1

Ultimate horse girl Gemma, it’s only right she’ll come out as the face of some kind of horse merch brand. I don’t know what the proper name for that kind of company would be and I don’t care to find out, either.

Gemma already has her own swimwear brand so I’d imagine she’ll come out and put a load of work back in to that, maybe getting some celeb endorsements from her fellow Islanders. I’d put money on her being in a meeting scheming about how she can become the next Molly-Mae as we speak.


ICYMI, Luca is a fishmonger. Bird’s Eye simply needs to get him in its next advert, imagine him selling you fish fingers! It would be iconic.

For some reason I can really see him and his fish flops taking part in I’m A Celeb, so maybe we’ll see him move from the villa to the jungle this year?? Speaking of the fish flops (and I cannot believe I’ve now had to type that godawful word phrase twice), Luca will probably attempt to launch his own range of them and I predict it will flop, hard.


When Adam left Love Island 2018, he went on a club tour of roughly a billion clubs in the UK in a matter of months. If he doesn’t do that again we will all be robbed. In terms of Instagram spon con, there is not a person on this earth who’s more of a walking, talking advert for protein powder than Adam Collard.


This tweet is 100 per cent correct, Antigoni simply screams Motel Rocks. Her line would be pretty much just one outfit in a whole load of different colours and the photo shoot for it would defo be in Ibiza. Antigoni also really has the energy of posing on the floor with a bottle of those hair gummy things, with her hair in hearts like that classic 2016 Kendall Jenner Instagram post.


If Antigoni is Motel Rocks, Danica is her Oh Polly counterpart and should defo have her own range. And she was never seen without her signature gold eyeshadow, so some sort of eyeshadow palette collab would be perfect for her.

One of the most iconic Islanders of the season, Danica coupled up with SO many boys before she finally found her Mr Right. I predict she’s going to come out with a motivational podcast and become an agony aunt kind of vibe for people who are unlucky in love, like Diary of a CEO but for Fiat 500 girlies. Her HR energy would absolutely love and cherish it.


The owner of the tit that was licked or whatever, Coco seems quite chill with the fact she brought about that iconic line. How better to capitalise on that than a deal with an underwear brand? Lounge Underwear or Boux Avenue always seem to be working with influencers, those would be ideal.


Last year Hugo Hammond did a dog food ad, and unfortunately for Jacques he will be the one to fulfil this ruff destiny from this year’s Islanders. He post a lot about his dog, so he’s brought this on himself really.

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