ekin-su love island winner memes

Ekin-Su is the greatest Love Island contestant of all time and these 22 memes prove it

God save Queen-Su x

Ekin-Su has just won a whopping £50k, and she doesn’t deserve a penny less. Queen of the villa and also my heart, Ekin went from crawling on the terrace with Jay to winning over the entire nation with her chaos, kindness and carbonara. A liar, actress and the people’s princess, Ekin-Su is hands down the best contestant to ever grace the silly little doors of the Love Island villa. She sparked some of the best moments of the show’s entire history, the pancake competition which she treated like an Olympic sprint was pure and utter cinema. She’s gone from not wanting “seasonal girlfriends” to being the ultimate girls’ girl, and everything she and Davide do makes my cold heart believe in love again.

Put simply, Ekin-Su is the best Love Island winner of all time and she deserves the biggest crown in the universe. Everyone on Twitter has completely fallen in love with her, and all of these memes prove exactly why Ekin-Su is the absolute Love Island gold the show has been desperately crying out for:

1. All rise for the queen of the villa

2. Ar Di would have loved her x

3. The main character of the entire universe

4. Give us a bank holiday for it I beg

5. Ekin can do anything she wants

6. Thank you Ekin-Su !!!

7. Brb sobbing

8. It’s what she deserves

9. This was pure cinema

10. We can only dream

11. Ultimate girl gang x

12. Petition for it to be Ekin-Su Island

13. A bomb that shelled lol

14. EKIN WHO???

15. I love them with my whole entire heart

16. It’s only right

17. Queen of my heart

18. One carbonara coming right up

19. I wept


21. Name a more iconic duo

22. God save our gracious queen xxx

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