Love Island 2021 lame brand deals

A deep dive into the lamest brand deals from the 2021 Love Island cast

Hugo advertised dog food lol

Love Island has become infamous for brand partnerships and sponsored content from all of the islanders that enter the villa. And let’s be real here, some of them are pretty fucking tragic. The Love Island cast of 2021 are no exception to being paid for lame brand deals. So let’s take a dive into the Love Island 2021 cast and their worst ones, starting with our main man Hugo Hammond:

Hugo Hammond has made a sponsored post with a dog food company

Hugo didn’t have it easy in the villa, he rejected several women and failed to successfully couple up. But since leaving things seem to be pretty ruff considering the man is now advertising dog food on his Instagram. I’m not shaming him, there’s nothing wrong with someone trying to put meat on the table but this one preeeeetty lame.

Abi has partnered with a snuggly company

Clearly sensing a theme with this year’s Love Island cast and dogs. To be fair to Abi, this branded post isn’t that deep but the only thing saving it is the fact she included her dog. That being said, her “baby boi” looks absolutely terrified.

Rachel was gifted a onesie

If you’re struggling to remember who Rachel was in this season, let me remind you. She was dropped in as a bombshell and was made to pick between Chuggs and Brad. She sent Chuggs home after choosing Brad and quickly things between them got frisky over night but it didn’t last very long. Brad told her to “crack on” with other boys in the villa and essentially Rachel cried. So her doing an advertised post in a onesie is very fitting, it’s comforting and a loving outfit. Technically it’s not lame, but it has a big sad girl vibe.

Chuggs’ Tinder stint

After being the first boy to get dumped from Love Island this year, Chuggs quickly joined forces with Tinder to make a cringeworthy ad. I mean, this was an awful campaign. Chuggs had just been dumped from the biggest dating show in the UK and didn’t manage to find love. Please Tinder find some better ambassadors.

Sam also gave things a go with Tinder

Sorry but who is taking dating advice from this lot? If they can’t find love in the villa, what makes someone think they’re a good person to represent their brand?

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