We all misjudged Tasha and Andrew, they’re officially the best Love Island couple

Or whatever x


This entire country has an apology to make, and that apology is to Tasha and Andrew. Tandrew, we all misjudged you, and on behalf of everyone, I’m sorry. They’re actually one of the nicest and funniest couples to have come out of Love Island and after weeks of people coming for the way Andrew behaved on at the start of the show and during Casa Amor, now everyone is saying just how great they are.

It was Tasha’s 24th birthday in August and Andrew got her a room staying at the Shard with a box of 100 red roses Kylie Jenner would have been jealous of. The bed was covered in rose petals (and, for some reason, there were petals lined up around the edge of the bath), as well as pink, white and gold balloons and what looked like a bottle of pink Prosecco.

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It was very much like a scene out of a “prom night” scene from a film, or as if Andrew had Googled “what to do for your girlfriend’s birthday” – he even asked on his Instagram story if he’d “done alright”, lol. But all in all it was quite sweet. For dinner they had a boujee meal the Shard’s restaurant and the couple seem very loved-up.

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Continuing on the roses theme, Tasha and Andrew have just got matching tattoos!! They both got roses, naturally. Tasha’s is on the side of her neck, under her cochlear implant, and Andrew’s is on his hand. You can see them here:

After Tasha’s birthday celebrations, someone on Twitter posted saying Andrew is “boyfriend material”, with people in the comments saying it’s exactly what Tasha deserves and saying the producers “did them dirty” during the show. I’d say that Andrew maybe did himself dirty by saying he’d “licked Coco’s tit or whatever”, but who am I to judge?

Speaking of tit licking, both Tasha and Andrew seem to be very over that old argument. Both of them are just taking the piss out of the way Andrew and his line became a meme, and people are loving the fact that the pair of them can actually laugh about it now.

They’ve posted a TikTok lip syncing to the audio, and when Tasha came out of the villa she posted a soppy Instagram. In it, she called Andrew her “prince”, writing at the end of the caption: “Here’s to the future ……. or whatever”, and people are loving it.


Of course I had to use this sound 😂 #orwhatever @tashaghouri1

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

One person said: “not the or whatever at the end 😭😭”. And speaking about the pics, another said: “Tasha always slaying, Andrew just happy to be there & watch her shine 🥺 The vibes are IMMACULATE.”

People on Twitter are also calling Andrew a “supportive boyfriend” because he unfollowed fellow Islander Jacques on Instagram. Jacques was being dragged for mocking Tasha in a leaked video clip, shared on Twitter and believed to be from a private Instagram story, where Jacques was seen mocking Tasha during her and Andrew’s speeches to each other during the final. Tasha has also unfollowed Jacques.

Speaking to Heat in a YouTube interview, Andrew said Tasha is his “priority” and spoke about the situation. He said: “Yeah, it obviously is true [I unfollowed Jacques], Tasha is my priority and obviously there was a video that came out. We’re trying to move away from it all and just be ourselves and get on with life.”

Jacques also went on an Instagram live with Luca, where they laughed about Paige, said shady things about her relationship with Adam, and mocked Remi and his rapping. Remi then accused them of “bullying”. Both Tasha and Andrew liked Remi’s Instagram post speaking about the situation.

Jacques acknowledged his behaviour and posted an apology on his Instagram story, saying he’s sorry if his behaviour has “caused offence or been misinterpreted”. He said: “I’m sorry to anyone that I have let down”, you can read what he said here in full.

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