Love Island Casa Amor Islanders do branded deal with Drayton Manor theme park

Stop what you’re doing, Casa Amor Islanders have done a tragic video ad for Drayton Manor

This probably isn’t the brand deal they were hoping for

When people end up in the cast of Love Island they probably expect their lives to change forever. Think multi-figure brand deals, millions of Instagram followers and a life of being invited to swanky PR events and getting paid for your troubles. What they probably don’t picture is being dumped from the villa after a couple of days and the best deal being offered for you is to awkwardly talk to a camera whilst on a theme park ride. Yet, here we are.

Fresh from being dumped from Casa Amor 2022, Mollie Salmon and George Tasker (alongside some poor Drayton Manor member of staff who looks like she’s been roped into this) have headed to the theme park to advertise free tickets, on Drayton Manor’s TikTok.

The three of them are sat on Apocalypse, eagerly awaiting when the ride shoots down. “Have you heard the news?” the member of staff says. Mollie then replies: “Love Island might be finished, but summer at Drayton Manor isn’t.” George then says: “If you book to visit this August” but gets cut off by the wind when the ride shoots them to the ground. It’s quite awkward, and the member of staff has to scream “YOU GET A FREE RETURN TICKET” over the wind from the ride.

The video is captioned: “Get a FREE return ticket when you book & visit this August 🏝” and honestly, I’ve watched it so many times. At first I was watching Mollie talk, it took me about three views to realise George even says anything, and on about my seventh view I realised just how much George’s legs go wild when the ride releases. So much to think about.

People in the comments are really going for it. “Not the brand deal they were hoping for,” one person commented. Another added: “Money was tight.” Someone else said: “IMAGINE FULLY GOING ON LOVE ISLAND AND THEN GETTING A DRAYTON MANOR BRAND DEAL 💀💀💀”


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