Nathalia Love Island TikTok

Nathalia from Love Island has done a TikTok about Ekin-Su and it is so cringe

It’s giving Lucie Donlan from 2019

Nathalia Campos from Love Island may have only been in the villa for a matter of days but she still made an impact and ruffled some feathers when it came to Ekin-Su and Davide. The iconic “Ekin who?” line came from her and now she is rinsing it for all it’s worth. And yes, it’s as cringe as you think.

In the video, the doctor says: “So did you know that Ekin-Su is my client?” and Nathalia responds with “Ekin who?”. The surgeon replies: “Ekin-Su the winner”, and Nathalia goes onto say: “Ekin the winner? Oh my god so we shared the same villa and now we’re sharing the same doctor. Clearly same personality and same taste. Great minds think alike.”


Keep your eyes out for what treatments we did on @nathaliacamposofficial #loveislanduk #loveisland2022 #ekinsu #loveisland #nathaliacampos

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The video is captioned: “Keep your eyes out for what treatments we do on Nathalia Campos”, and all I can think about is how Nathalia’s TikTok username is the exact same as Ekin-Su’s. I think it may be time to let it go now.

The video of Nathalia has been viewed 1.5 million times and TikTok users in the comments have been rinsing the Love Island star and their responses are GOLDEN. One user said: “No amount of money could’ve made me do this.” “The second hand EMBARRASSMENT”, another person commented. Someone said what we were all thinking and commented: “Lucie energy”.

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