Making millions and more TV: What Ekin-Su and Davide have been up to since Love Island

Davide partnering with Italian restaurants and Ekin-Su on Dancing on Ice? Yes please!

Since they won Love Island together, Davide and Ekin-Su have secured their status as reality TV icons. They haven’t stopped with appearances, deals and cute posts. I truly believe they are the most iconic pairing to ever come out of Love Island, and their journey since winning the show only goes towards proving this further. They are THRIVING.

I’m talking seven figure brand deals, new TV shows and making so much money it hurts. Here’s everything Ekin-Su and Davide have been up to since winning Love Island 2022. It’s a lot, btw.

Since Love Island, Ekin-Su and Davide have been confirmed for another show together which is coming soon

Davide and Ekin-Su since Love Island 2022

via ITV

Straight after they left the villa, it was confirmed Davide and Ekin-Su are getting their own spin-off show, and since then loads more details have been revealed. Ekin-Su and Davide: Homecomings is “coming soon” to ITV2 and will see the winners go on “trips of a lifetime” to Davide’s Italy and Ekin-Su’s hometown in Turkey.

In his first trip home since winning Love Island, Davide will take Ekin to Frosinone before the two go full Romeo and Juliet with a romantic trip to fair Verona. The two will then make their way through Tuscan valleys before jetting to Turkey to visit Ekin-Su’s native Istanbul. Davide will get to meet some of her acting pals before they go to Ekin’s family village, Odemis, and stay in a motorhome. Ekin-Su said once on her Instagram story that it’s coming in November, but a release date hasn’t been officially announced.

Ekin-Su has had absolutely loads of brand deals, and is smashing it as an influencer

via Instagram @ekinsuofficial

Ekin-Su has been one of the most in-demand Islanders of all time. She’s signed multiple brand deals since the show. The first was with OhPolly, and she’s now the new face of the brand. This deal was reported as the biggest fashion deal in Love Island history, apparently worth seven figures (yes, that is in the millions).

She has also been announced as working with hair brand, Beauty Works. Describing it as her “favourite hair brand”, Ekin-Su said: “My first edit is launching on Tuesday 11th October and I know you guys are going to love it as much I have done working on it” and said she is launching four products.

Ekin-Su’s just secured a third deal on top of these, signing with BPerfect Cosmetics. She’s going to have her own collection of all vegan and cruelty free products, launching in November 2022.

Davide has also had brand deals

Davide has also landed a number of brand deals, the first being a range with BoohooMAN which is already live. He shot the range in New York and it’s been called a “mega collaboration” deal, whatever that means. It probably just means he’s been paid absolutely loads.

More recently, Davide has partnered with Prezzo, hosting date night events. Posting about the deal, he said: “Looking to go exclusive? I’m partnering with @love_prezzo to put the magic back into date nights by hosting my very own ‘Davi-date Nights’, where I’ll be personally serving couples tiramisu as they ask the all-important questions. I’ll be hosting two events, one this Friday in Prezzo’s Soho restaurant and one next Wednesday in Prezzo Leeds the Light.”

Catch me there.

Ekin-Su and Davide have both officially hit millionaire status since Love Island

Since Love Island, Ekin-Su and Davide have both become millionaires. Davide was already a millionaire before he went on the show, which is a massive flex, from his shisha business. So now, with his added brand deals and new opportunities, his net worth is believed to have surpassed seven figures. Ekin-Su’s net worth is said to be £1million, following brand deal success after the show.

Davide and Ekin-Su since Love Island 2022

via Instagram @davidesancli

They went to New York together

Davide and Ekin-Su headed to New York together earlier this year, following Ekin’s OhPolly announcement. Whilst they were there they saw all the sights, but in the cutest video ever, Davide proved the only sight in his eyes is Ekin-Su. Whilst she was modelling her range in New York, Davide’s eyes never left her on the catwalk. I’m obsessed.

They had both been celebrating success on the trip – Davide was also there after securing his deal with BoohooMAN. They both had billboards in Times Square at the same time, which is the most power couple move I’ve ever seen.

Posting on Instagram about seeing her billboard for the first time, Ekin-Su called Davide her biggest supporter. “My baby I’m soo proud of you ♥️ you’re a beautiful person inside and out, and this is only the beginning, I’ll be always there to support you 😍 Love u,” Davide commented.

Ekin-Su has been announced for Dancing on Ice

I actually couldn’t be happier, because Ekin-Su has been confirmed as taking part in the next season of Dancing on Ice. “I’m so excited for the team,” she said on Good Morning Britain. “I can’t wait to get myself on the ice and skate. Stay tuned, and see you on the ice!” The show usually airs at the start of the New Year.

And Davide turned Dancing on Ice down!

Just before Ekin-Su was announced for the show, it was reported Davide had turned down appearing on Dancing on Ice. He told The Sun he couldn’t take part because he’s too busy. “They wanted me to do Dancing On Ice this year but I refused this time around,” he said to the publication. “I have so much going on and I can’t commit to something every day and when I do something I want to do it properly. Right now I just can’t focus on something like that, for the moment anyway, but in the future maybe I will.”

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