Inside Molly-Mae and Tommy’s lavish life: From eight holidays a year to £9m net worth

How does it feel to live MY dream?


Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury met on Love Island 2019 and from then onwards not a day of my life has gone by where I haven’t seen some sort of update on them. Tommy Fury was already a pretty well known face, but now Molly-Mae has become the blueprint of how to go on Love Island and smash it, and the couple have just welcomed their first baby together.

Between them they’re one of, if not the most, successful couple to come from Love Island. They’re mega rich, have enviable careers, are in love, and have the most incredible home. Without trying to get way too jealous of their life together, here’s a look into just how Molly-Mae and Tommy live. I’m crying.

After nearly four years together, Molly-Mae and Tommy have just had a baby!

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Molly-Mae and Tommy first coupled up together on Love Island in June 2019. They made their relationship official on the show in July 2019, and have been together ever since. They were runners-up in the fifth season of Love Island, and moved in together in the months following the show.

In September 2022, Molly-Mae and Tommy announced they were expecting their first baby together. Sharing a joint video on Instagram, they said: “I can’t wait for the adventures that we haven’t even dreamed of yet”.

Sharing their little girl had arrived, Molly-Mae and Tommy joint posted a picture of them in hospital onto Instagram. Tommy is holding the newborn and the caption is her birthdate, January 23rd. Molly-Mae then posted a picture of the little girl at home, revealing her name as Bambi.

Obviously, Molly-Mae’s career is what Love Island contestants dream of

Inside the life of Love Island stars Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury

via Instagram @mollymae

After the villa, Molly-Mae’s influencing, fashion and beauty career completely took off. To start, she had a huge £500k deal with PrettyLittleThing and then launched her own tan brand called Filter, which reportedly brings in around £900k a year for Molly-Mae. She’s now Creative Director for PrettyLittleThing, which is said to be a job paying her six figures every single month. She’s also signed a seven figure deal with Beauty Works and does regular collaborations with Starbucks.

On top of all this, Molly-Mae has the highest Instagram following of all Islanders ever – which according to PilotFishMedia means she charge an eye watering £65,000 per Instagram post. Yes, really. She’s also an author and her autobiography, My Story: Becoming Molly-Mae, topped the non-fiction charts following its release.

Tommy comes from a *very* famous family and has followed the family career path

Inside the life of Love Island stars Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury

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Of course, Tommy comes from legendary boxing family, the Furys. His brother is the heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, and Tommy himself has had a hugely successful boxing career. Last year, he was paid £12.5k for one single fight.

But, boxing isn’t actually where he makes the majority of his money. Tommy is apparently bringing home £3k every single DAY from branded deals, such as working with McDonald’s, fitness companies and fashion brands. He’s said to have earned over £1million from Instagram alone last year.

Between them, they have a net worth of £9million

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Molly-Mae is worth an estimated £6million, making her the richest person to ever come from Love Island. Tommy is also one of the richest, with an estimated net worth of between £2million and £3million. Combined, they are the richest couple to come from Love Island.

They holiday around eight times a year

Inside the life of Love Island stars Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury

via Instagram @mollymae

On average, the couple have been going on eight holidays a year since they left Love Island. Their Instagram is filled with pictures of them away together, posting pictures from five holidays in the last four months. Some of their most recent destinations include Switzerland, Dubai, LA, New York, Italy and Paris.

Their home together is amazing

Right now, Molly-Mae and Tommy are spending their incredible life together living in a £4million home in Cheshire. Since buying the mansion, they’ve been doing it up and sharing updates on an Instagram account, @mollymaison. Their home has more followers than the average person, with 1.2million people on the page for their renovations.

via Instagram @mollymaison

via Instagram @mollymaison

On the account they share pictures of just how stunning the home is inside, and how they are getting on with decorating it. Just as you’d probably imagine, there’s a lot of marble, gold, accessories and soft furnishings, and plush accent chairs.

via Instagram @mollymaison

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