From pre-Love Island to having a baby: The wild transformation Molly Mae’s had over the years

Ngl, I’m obsessed with every glow-up


She’s become the blueprint of influencing, but Molly-Mae Hague has had a pretty dramatic transformation getting where she is now. Before she was a multi-multi millionaire and welcoming her first child, Molly-Mae was victim to the same cringe fashion and beauty trends as the rest of us. Does that mean there’s hope?!

She was one of the many Islanders who had old pictures of her get posted everywhere when she was in the Love Island villa, and even since then she’s gone through many different eras of her overall vibe.

So here is a full pre-Love Island to now look at the transformation Molly-Mae Hague has had over the years. I am wowing!

Molly-Mae Hague transformation before Love Island

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Molly-Mae had a huge transformation from before Love Island to when she was in the villa

Love Island 2019 got juicy when Molly-Mae Hague was the villa’s first bombshell and coupled up with Tommy Fury. The transformation Molly-Mae had before the Love Island villa was a lot, you’d hardly recognise her. The beauty pageant queen went to influencer mode pre the show very quick, and her glow up was incredible.

via Instagram @mollymae

In pictures posted by her friends, she looks even more different. Heading into the villa, her face shape looked different, her hair was a lot lighter, and her lips looked fuller too.

Molly-Mae Hague transformation before Love Island

via Instagram @mollymae

And now Molly-Mae has had her fillers dissolved, and looks so different

Straight after Love Island, Molly-Mae had a lot of filler in her face and lips, and looked different again from when she was in the villa.

via Instagram @mollymae

After she started getting backlash, it was reported Molly-Mae had undergone £5,800 worth of procedures to have filler dissolved. She said she decided to remove her filler after posting a video straight after having some done, and people commented saying she had a “completely new face”.

Molly-Mae Hague with filler

via YouTube

Molly-Mae said she’d previously been getting fillers since she was 17-years-old, after feeling insecure about her lips. However, she had a change of heart and said she wanted to “embrace her natural self”.

Speaking on a podcast, she said: “By the age of 21, I didn’t look like the same person. I literally looked like a different person. When I look back at pictures now, I’m terrified of myself. I’m like, ‘Who was that girl?’ I don’t know what happened.  But there was this one pivotal moment where I’d gone and got loads of filler and I posted a YouTube video and I hadn’t let the filler settle and it was really swollen and a screenshot from that video, it trended on Twitter for weeks. It was horrendous. It was utterly horrendous.”

Molly-Mae Hague now

via Instagram @mollymae

Now, of course, there is on huge difference in Molly-Mae’s shall we say, vibe. She’s had a baby! And yes, I’m going to say it, she’s glowing. She’s rocking the natural look and this era of Molly is a serve.

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