From the talent show to meet the parents: All the drama still to come on Love Island 2023

Tyrique and Ella will defo break up again during the babies challenge

This series of Love Island got off to an incredible start, peaked during Casa Amor and now the drama seems to be slightly lacking again. A lot has happened so far when you think back: Kady returned as an ultimate bombshell, Molly was dumped and brought back, Ella went rogue in Casa, and the Islanders have had huge rows. Despite the drama seeming to have cooled off recently, Love Island 2023 still has loads more to come to spice it back up.

Some of the most classic show challenges are still to come, plus some ultimate tests for the couples as the final date edges closer. So, let’s have a recap of everything we still have ahead of us this season.

The Love Island 2023 talent show

What's still to come on Love Island 2023 before the final

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One of the best challenges, and sometimes accidentally the funniest, is the Love Island talent show. Every year the Islander show of their talents, or apparent lack of, and over the years we’ve really had some shows.

Some of the greatest talent show moments of all time include Luke T and Siannise schooling us all in how to dance, Camilla’s moving speech about war and Millie’s *emotional* keyboard number.

This year, we’ve got multiple footballers in the villa who’ll undoubtedly fight it out to be the one to do keepie uppies for the villa, as well as Leah being a trained dancer, so definitely up to the challenge. Kady McDermott whacked out some tap dancing when she was on the show in 2016, I wonder if she’ll do the same again?

The babies episode

What's still to come on Love Island 2023 before the final

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Look, the baby challenge is extremely annoying – nobody is going to deny that. But, sometimes it’s come through and provided some hilarious villa moments. Never forget Josh Denzel accidentally ripping his baby’s arm off, and Tommy flipping his around, much to Molly-Mae’s dismay.

Can anyone else not wait to see how Tyrique behaves around a baby? His best mate Toby was anything but good at this challenge when he gave it a go in 2021, so we’ve probably got some chaos to come.

More bombshells and shock dumpings

There will of course be more bombshells, and more shock dumpings as the drama continues. There’s a shock dumping on the horizon right now, and Love Island has hinted there might be plenty more where that came from.

Plus, there are usually new bombshells in the villa right up until the final week of filming, so we can expect to see at least a couple of new faces joining still.

The Love Island beach club

When the Islanders have their annual night out at the Love Island beach club, drama always follows. This was the famous location where Belle ripped into Anton, Danica tore Billy a new one and Joanna uttered the infamous “if you’ve found what you want you better leave mate” to Michael. Who will it be this year?

Meet the parents 2023

What's still to come on Love Island 2023 before the final

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Meet the parents is one of the episodes we all wait for every year – mainly because there is always inevitably one mum who doesn’t hold back, and tells their child the person they’re coupled up with ain’t shit. I can’t wait to see who fits that mould this year.

Is Molly Marsh’s famous mum going to enter the villa? Will she be sat opposite Zach’s sister, Snoochie Shy?

The final dates

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The final dates are always super soppy, and even if you won’t admit to it, you’ve definitely cried to at least one before. Plus, there’s a solid theory that the final date is a spooky prediction of whether or not the couple will work in the outside world. Clue: If the final date is out on a yacht, the couple is doomed.

The final!

What's still to come on Love Island 2023 before the final

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Of course, we still have the big Love Island 2023 final to come. The Islanders will plan their incredible outfits, the girls usually go on a spa day and get their hair and makeup done, they write their declarations of love, and the villa is filled with a live audience to see the winners crowned.

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