Love Island Meet the Parents

Dancers, actors and footballers: Meet the parents of the Love Island 2023 contestants

They’re entering the villa tonight!


You know Love Island is drawing to a close when couples start coyly asking each other “do you think your mum would like me?”. They’re digging for family tie-related compliments— just in time for the Meet the Parents episode, which is coming tonight!

Yup, it’s almost time to meet the mums and dads who gave each Islander their signature personality— and Whitney’s mum is already our hero. So in case you’re curious ahead of the ep, here’s a peek at what the parents of the 2023 contestants are actually like:

Kirsty Davide – Zach’s mum 

Zachariah has a family who’re experienced with fame as his sister is Radio 1Xtra DJ Snoochie Shy, who went on I’m A Celeb last season, and his mum, Kirsty Davide, was a dancer and choreographer with some huge Hollywood A-lister connections.

According to Kirsty’s LinkedIn, she “worked in the entertainment industry for 33 years as a professional dancer on TV, travelling the world, and then going on to then becoming a professional choreographer.”

And Zachariah previously shared photos to Instagram in tribute with his mum, alongside Will Smith: “You’re the strongest and most resilient woman I’ve ever met and I’m proud to be your son,” he wrote. “We’ve gone through a lot and we’re gonna go through more. Just know you’ll always have me to count on. Parent. Best friend. Councillor. Mumager.”

Dennis and Claire Wise – Amber’s parents 

It took Amber Wise less than 24 hours in Mallorca to bring up her former Chelsea FC and England central midfielder father, Dennis Wise, and lure in semi-pro player Tyrique in the process. After playing for England and Chelsea across his 21-year-long football career, it’s fair to say Dennis Wise has some money (about £9million) in the bank. Huge.

Amber is super close with her mum Claire and dad Dennis, who regularly posts family pictures all over his Instagram. She has two brothers called Henry, 23, and George, 15 and they all live in a huge £2million house in Buckinghamshire.

Janet Marsh – Molly’s mum 

Molly lives on a seriously boujee farm with her mum, dad, sister, grandma, grandad, aunty, uncle, cousin, cousin’s husband, their baby and a chicken. So, it’s fair to say she’s close with her family.  Not loads is known about her dad, although he has popped up in a few of her TikToks.  However, there’s been controversy over her mum Janet’s job as a Coronation Street actress, with everyone on Twitter claiming Molly was an ITV plant.

“I just want to put you all straight on this ‘producer plant’ rubbish,” Janet wrote on social media, as reported by Planet Radio. “I do NOT work for ITV!! I never have! And [I] don’t know where this ridiculous idea has come from. I’m a teacher and part-time actress and mum! Unless there is someone with the same name at ITV, but it’s 100 per cent not me. So please don’t believe this nonsense, it’s not fair on us or Molly.”

Micah Hyde – Tyrique’s dad

Although Tyrique’s own football match stats are fairly unremarkable, his dad, Micah Hyde, has a seriously reputable football career. He played alongside David Beckham in the Brimsdown Rovers youth team before joining clubs like Burnley and Watford and retiring in 2012 to coach the under-18s team at Queen’s Park Rangers.

While playing for Watford between 1997 and 2004, Micah made over 200 appearances and scored 24 goals. So, a few more than his son has under his belt so far. Micah hasn’t said anything about Tyrique while he’s been in the villa, so it’s unclear whether he’ll rock up for Meet the Parents or not.

Kerry McDermott – Kady’s mum 

Kady is super close with her mum Kerry and, when she first experienced Meet the Parents in 2016, she burst into tears when Kerry entered the villa to surprise her. She gave Scott Thomas a huge seal of approval, so let’s see if she does the same for this year’s boys.

Love Island Meet the Parents

“I’m so happy that they came in, you have no idea,” Kady said when her mum arrived. “Since the day I was born, there’s not been one day of my life that I’ve not spoken to my mum or seen her. She’s my best friend and I’ve gone six weeks without her and I didn’t think I could.”

Martyn Taylor – Mitch’s dad

Mitch’s dad Martyn went on Aftersun this weekend and literally nobody on Twitter could believe how much they looked alike. Mitch lives with his dad and the rest of his family in Sheffield and paid tribute to him on Instagram for his 60th back in 2020.

Love Island meet the parents

“Happy 60th Birthday To The Man, The Myth, The Martyn (legend) my dad,” he wrote. “Couldn’t ask for a bigger role model.” It’s all-round good vibes from the Taylor family.

The van-der-Sluise family – Scott’s mum, dad, brother and sister 

When Catherine walked back into the villa with Elom after Casa Amor, his family reacted to the episode on AfterSun and it’s safe to say they were not impressed. “What is she playing at?” his dad asked, as everyone on Twitter pointed out Scott’s father is seriously, very, hot.

Scott’s older brother, Jamie Reed, didn’t appear in the segment but he’s actually fairly well-known in the football world after playing for Wrexham FC as a striker. If Scott’s family jet over to Mallorca for Meet the Parents, Catherine might want to hide in the wardrobe.

The Nowackis – Lochan’s mum and dad 

Not much is known about Lochan’s parents but it’s obvious he has a really good relationship with them. He’s posted so many pictures on his Insta of nights out, gym sessions and holidays with his mum. You can already tell she’s a total icon and is going to love Whitney.

Lochan also shared loads of photos with his dad on a beach holiday and with his sister after they welcomed their family puppy back in 2017. Can I join this family, please?

Fiona See – Ouzy’s mum 

Ouzy’s mum sadly passed away in 2020 and he shared a lovely tribute to her on his Instagram page at the time, which he’s pinned on his profile as his first post. Rest In Peace Mumzy 13/07/2020,” he wrote. “Thanks for all the support, flowers and messages everyone, nothing can prepare you for losing a parent especially when she’s your best friend but we are going to do our best to be strong an raise the young ones and make you proud. One of a kind.”

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