Ranked: The best Love Island talent show performances of all time

To this day nothing has impressed me more than Siânnise and Luke T’s dance


Last night was the return of the Love Island talent show challenge. All the Islanders sat around the fire pit and watched each other put on a night of performances, which were meant to display their hidden talents in all their glory. However, the standard of talents on display was, shall we say, piss poor.

I hope for my entire life I am never subjected to Tom Clare singing ever again, Casey can retire his trumpet, and you know I’m clutching if Samie tap dancing was a personal highlight.

So, to give us the talent we actually deserve, here’s a rundown of the best talent show performances there have ever been on Love Island – because some of the old Islanders were actually really, really impressive.

10. Indiyah Polack, 2022

Indiyah was not giving talent, but she gets a mention purely for the reactions of her fellow Islanders. You can tell these are pure belly laughs they can’t control, and the background “carry on carry on” from them all was hilarious.

9. Millie Court, 2021

Millie gets to be here for the pure cuteness value. The way Liam was looking at her and the awkward silence as she literally entranced all her fellow Islanders? It was mesmerising.

8. Priscilla Anyabu, 2020

Sometimes I look back on the 2020 winter series of Love Island and realise the only half decent part of it was the talent show. The producers managed to bag some pretty talented contestants. Priscilla busted some very, very impressive moves and chose a banger of a song to dance to. It was a show, that’s for sure.

7. Camilla Thurlow, 2017

In 2017, Camilla gave a speech about armed violence and war across the world. The Islanders aren’t usually allowed to speak about the outside world, so to see a contestant talk about something they are truly passionate about was extremely moving and inspiring. Amber said she was blown away by the performance and Camilla’s partner, Jamie, couldn’t take his eyes off her.

6. Kady McDermott, 2016

The best Love Island talent show performances and moments of all time

via ITV

The best Love Island talent show performances and moments of all time

via ITV

Kady McDermott’s 2016 talent show performance was one of the most wholesome Love Island moments. Who knew the fiery bombshell was a secret tap dancer? Samie could never!

5. Paige Turley, 2020

Paige is a professional singer, so the talent show should have been her moment – and you have to hand it to her, it really was. She’s got lungs. She also gets extra points for Finn dancing in his lil shower cap in the crowd, that really added to the mood.

4. Chris, Kem and Marcel, 2017

Skip to 4:45 for the best rap in the world x

You know what’s coming here. Yes, Chris and Kem rapped and Marcel played the keyboard for them. It was the start of something beautiful and they actually released Little Bit Leave It after the show.

3. Cara De La Hoyde, 2016

2016’s talent show really gave it. And is there more of an impressive and jaw-dropping talent than fire blowing? Cara literally turned up and BLEW FIRE for the other Islanders, all whilst wearing a thong bikini. The contestants these days could never. This was sex. It was everything.

2. Sophie Gradon, 2016

The best Love Island talent show performances and moments of all time

via ITV

In 2016, the height of the talent show saw a moving speech from late Sophie Gradon. The episode came after Islander Zara Holland left the villa, and had been stripped of her Miss GB crown for having sex on TV. In Sophie’s speech, she proclaimed that guess what?! Women like to have sex too!

She said: “Life shouldn’t be about judging one another. For example, judging a young woman for enjoying herself. A young woman who hasn’t harmed anyone but a woman who has faced a torrent of judgemental and close minded opinions since leaving Love Island. As an ex Miss Newcastle and Miss GB I can say that it’s time people moved forward from their old fashioned thinking and accepted the simple fact that women like to have sex.”

As a result of her incredible act, Sophie was crowned Miss Love Island 2016 by her fellow Islanders.

1. Siânnise and Luke T, 2021

And here we are, with the best Love Island talent show performance there has ever been. We are not worthy of the chemistry, choreography and pure style that oozed from Siânnise and Luke T when they gave this performance. Their synchronisation was worthy of awards. I get goose bumps every time.

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