Physical fights to the talent show: A rundown of Kady’s best Love Island season two moments

Nobody has ever given drama as much as she did

Kady McDermott, who is known for some of the most iconic moments in Love Island history during season two, has entered the 2023 villa as a bombshell.

On reflection, nobody has ever done Love Island the way Kady did. She walked so every other female bombshell after her could run. Kady had romance, arguments, iconic moments and even an actual fist fight. What a whirlwind!

Here is a ~dramatic~ rundown of the best moments Kady McDermott had in the season two Love Island villa. Strap in!

Her fight with Malia which ended in Malia being kicked out the villa after 20 minutes

Together, Kady McDermott and Malia Arkian provided possibly one of the most shocking Love Island moments ever. Malia came into the villa, said she fancied Scott (who was coupled up with Kady), and then accused Kady of spilling a drink down her.

They had a massive fight, in which Kady said Malia “full on shoved her” and the other Islanders can heard telling Malia to “not hit a girl.” Malia was removed after approximately 20 minutes in the villa, and is now officially the Islander who was in the villa for the shortest amount of time in history.

When Kady called Tina a ‘basic Made in Chelsea reject bitch’ in a huge meltdown

Kady McDermott and her best bits in the Love Island season two villa

via ITV

Kady well and truly lost her cool when bombshell Tina had to pick a guy to take on a date outside the villa, and she chose Kady’s man, Scott. Scott and Tina headed out for a spa day, and Kady was banished to the Hideaway with Olivia, whose partner Alex was also on a date.

As the four left for the dates, Kady shouted “you’re a c***” at Scott’s date Tina, and when they returned called her a “basic Made in Chelsea reject bitch”. Funny thing is, Tina did end up going on Made in Chelsea!

Kady also spent most of the night trying to see into the villa through a crack in the Hideaway window, and even rubbed her bare arse against the window for the rest of the villa to see. She then proclaimed she didn’t need Scott anyway, because she had loads of footballers in her DMs.


Her iconic tap dancing talent show performance

via ITV

Kady McDermott and her best bits in the Love Island season two villa

via ITV

Kady McDermott’s 2016 talent show performance was one of the most wholesome Love Island moments ever. Who knew the fiery bombshell was a secret tap dancer?

When she, and the entire of the season two cast, were all shagging at the same time

In some of the most classic scenes in Love Island history, before all the Islanders wanted to be influencers and cared too much about their personal image, ALL the cast had sex on TV at the same time.

Well, everyone apart from Adam who was single, and Nathan who was busy narrating it like a horse race – naturally. Whoever from Love Island chose the music for this was having way too much fun. An iconic moment for the whole of the season two cast, but of course our girl Kady was involved.

Kady and Scott becoming official in the villa

Let’s end on a cute note, it was adorable when Scott asked Kady to be his girlfriend. The couple might not have lasted in the outside world, but boy did we back them at the time.

All the Islanders headed upstairs in the villa, whilst Scott put in a shift writing “Be my GF?” in towels outside. Of course the answer was yes! She was quite far away though, so Kady had to reply with a little thumbs up through the window.

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