The Love Island date curse: How the final dates determine each couple’s fate together

If you end up on a boat for your date, you’re well and truly doomed

There’s been a scary realisation since the Islanders have started going on their final dates this year: Some of the Love Island dates the couples go on seem to be under a curse.

Each year, the final few couples are sent on huge and romantic dates, and we get to see them be all gushy and in love with one another. There are boat trips, lavish drinks and cute picnics – which on the surface all look perfect. However, there is a definite correlation between what the couples end up doing, and whether or not the relationships last.

So, here is a full investigation into the Love Island final dates curse, and what it could mean for the 2022 couples. Buckle up!

A boat trip

The curse there is on the Love Island couples depending on their final dates

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Cursed level: You’re absolutely doomed

Examples: Liberty and Jake, Wes and Megan, Amber and Greg, Chris and Olivia

Sorry everyone, but it’s not looking good for Paige and Adam. They headed out on a boat trip for their final date, and pretty much nothing good has ever come from this.

Liberty and Jake made their voyage together after breaking up, and upon their return told the villa they’re were quitting. Wes and Megan broke up, and Amber and Greg and Chris and Olivia had the two messiest breakups in Love Island history. Yep, all those couples had their final dates on a boat. Good luck Paige and Adam, you’ve got a bumpy ride ahead!

Something once in a lifetime, followed by drinks or food

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Cursed level: You’re marginally doomed

Examples: Gabby and Marcel

Ok, Indiyah and Dami looked picture perfect on their date – but this style of trip out isn’t looking in their favour. They went out on a fiesta date, followed by food and sangria. It was a beautiful, once in a lifetime experience. Not too dissimilar to Gabby and Marcel, who enjoyed a helicopter ride followed by some food and drinks. Marcel then cheated on Gabby and they broke up. Yikes.

Anything to do with roses

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Cursed level: You’re shaky, but with any luck should be fine

Examples: Faye and Teddy

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Faye and Teddy’s final date in 2021 was weird. They, for some reason I still don’t know, just stood in a bath of roses, fully clothed, and chatted. But, they are still together which is a positive. This year, Tasha and Andrew are treated to a date surrounded by roses, too. There’s a definite pattern here: A couple who has a turbulent and messy AF journey get a roses themed date, but they seem to pull through in the end.

A picnic

The curse there is on the Love Island couples depending on their final dates

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Cursed level: It’s looking good!

Examples: Paige and Finn, Chloe and Toby

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If you end up being sent on a picnic by the producers, congratulations! Your relationship might actually stand the test of time. Previously we’ve had Paige and Finn, who were put on a tiny beach and given a picnic, and Chloe and Toby who had an Alice in Wonderland themed picnic – they’re both still together!

An fairytale-style back drop, music and maybe end with a dance

The curse there is on the Love Island couples depending on their final dates

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Cursed level: You are love’s young dream!

Examples: Jamie and Camilla, Molly-Mae and Tommy

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Remember when Jamie and Camilla invented love, recreating La La Land in their final date? That was when we KNEW this is the perfect recipe for a Love Island date. Ekin-Su and Davide had a date like this, which I’m still not over, and I expect to have my invitation to the wedding in the post any day soon. Gemma and Luca’s date this year also revolves around them being serenaded by a mesmerising six-piece ensemble, so maybe they will work out after all?

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