These are the most iconic Love Island baby challenge moments there have ever been

Uhhhh Tommy, wtf was that?

Last night saw the return of a classic Love Island task: The baby challenge. Six new mini Islanders landed in the villa, all fit with an annoying high-pitched cry which goes off unannounced, and too many times for everyone’s liking.

This year’s baby challenge wasn’t the best, with the only notable highlights being Faye hating every moment and calling the baby a prick, one baby temporarily losing an arm and the boys abandoning the whole thing to go and play golf. It has to be said though, Toby being peak Toby and dropping his little boy on the floor was a little bit iconic.

But incase you’re missing some of the peak Love Island baby challenge TV gold, here is a ranking of best moments from the challenge, across all series.

7. The babies staying in the bedroom overnight, 2016

These days the baby challenge lasts a day and then they’re all packed away and the job is done, but back on Love Island 2016 the parent couples had to tuck the kids in at the end of their beds and listen to them screaming all night. It truly was carnage.

6. Toby spinning his baby around, 2021

He was never going to be the most mature dad, was he?

5. Anna and Jordan being single parents, 2019

Love Island 2019 saw a very awkward baby challenge moment, when Anna and Jordan were forced to co-parent their little one. The challenge came just as they’d become official…and then Jordan had gone straight to India to crack on with her. Yikes. They split, and then had to be single parents each looking after the baby in the challenge. Anna straight up refused to help, telling Jordan “you’re a single dad”.

She added: “I don’t know whose baby that is, because it’s not mine. He probably doesn’t even know whose baby it is himself. She then made a dig at a previous challenge where she found out how many previous sexual partners he’d had, and added: “That’s one of your 100 girls’ babe”, to which Jordan replied: “I’m not your babe.”

4. Uh Tommy, wtf was that? 2019

This moment is classic purely for the fact that Molly-Mae’s reaction has been quoted around the nation ever since. I can HEAR her saying “uh, Tommy, what the fuck was that?” in my head. Tommy was just you know, flipping the baby upside down. No biggie x

3. Josh Denzel’s baby’s arm fell off, 2018

A ranking of the best and funniest Love Island baby challenge moments ever

via ITV

After the girls returned from their day out, they came home to see the dads and the children. In the villa, the boys were trying to convince the girls they had done a good job all day. Amid all of this, Josh tried to cutely lift his baby up to show Kaz, and fully pulled its arm off.

2. Chris Hughes genuinely crying over Cash Hughes, 2017

Have we ever seen a more passionate Love Island father than Chris Hughes in 2017? For a start he was so proud of himself for naming it Cash Hughes, and then he actually cried over how much he loved it. Adorable.

1. Dr Alex definitely killing his baby, 2018

In 2018 the girls headed out the villa when the babies arrived, and left the dads setting up daddy day care. They tried some daddy yoga and a race – which ended in Dr Alex falling over and his baby flying out the pram. Poor thing.

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