The poshest Love Island contestants of all time, ranked by poshness

Charlie Brake was literally a millionaire and Eyal actually said ‘rah’


Over the years, Love Island has tried to have some posh Islanders on the show. They never really seem to do that well, but boy do you know they are posh straight away. Somehow Love Island manages to scout out some of the poshest people to be contestants, who have their social status as basically all of their personality.

So, who is the poshest Islander of all time? From future Made in Chelsea stars, to billionaire heirs – here are all the poshest Love Island contestants there have ever been ~scientifically~ ranked by how posh they truly are, darling.

11. Aaron Francis, 2021

Poshness rating: 5/10

Aaron Francis

via ITV

I kind of have to mention Aaron, purely because of the fact that his cousin is Hugo Taylor from Made in Chelsea. Yes, Hugo Taylor who went to Harrow and co-founded sunglasses brand Taylor Morris. Plus, during his time as a luxury events worker, he did a shift at the weddings of both Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice. That’s some points on the score board for Aaron at least.

10. Charlie Fredrick, 2018

Poshness rating: 6/10

Charlie Frederick

via ITV

Charlie Fredrick must be at least a little bit posh, because after going on Love Island he became a cast member of Made in Chelsea. Apparently Charlie Frederick has a net worth of around £1.5 million, but other than that, there’s not too much more evidence – so a fairly low score for him.

9. Hugo Hammond, 2021

Poshness rating: 7/10

Hugo Hammond: A ranking of the poshest Love Island contestants of all time

via ITV

Going to Brookes uni is an automatic admission to being posh, but not quite as posh and smart as you’d like to be. You can tell by Hugo’s entire demeanour that he respects the finer things in life and has had a very privileged life, but he does still down a pint at the weekend like the next man. One of his friends at uni even said Hugo was a “divisive figure to say the least”, saying some people liked him, while others thought he was “just a posh knobhead.”

He also gets extra points for the school he did his teacher placement at before the villa being a fancy boarding school which costs £36,960 per year.

8. Camilla Thurlow, 2017

Poshness rating: 7/10

Camilla Thurlow: A ranking of the poshest Love Island contestants of all time

via ITV

Camilla was so soft and well spoken, you might have actually thought she was the queen herself. Close, she did date the actual Prince Harry before. During the meet the parents episode that year, Camilla’s mum was referred to as “very posh” and viewers were shocked by her very out there and intelligent job working in Explosive Ordance Disposal – a form of bomb disposal.

7. Eyal Booker, 2018

Poshness rating: 7/10

Eyal Booker: A ranking of the poshest Love Island contestants of all time

via ITV

Eyal oozed posh. Whether that be his totally relaxed, just finished my gap yah after uni vibe, or the fact that he actually said “rah” in the Beach Hut that one time.

6. Chris Baxter, 2015

Poshness rating: 7.5/10

Chris Baxter

via ITV

During the first series of Love Island, some of Chris Baxter’s fellow Islanders took an instant disliking to him because he was posh. Luis said: “I don’t think he’ll get on with anyone here,” to which Danielle replied: “It’s probably because he’s posh.”

5.Tina Stinnes, 2016

Poshness rating: 8/10

Tina Stinnes: A ranking of the poshest Love Island contestants of all time

via ITV

When Tina Stinnes entered the season two villa, she ruffled a few feathers because of her social status. Kady McDermott called her a “basic Made in Chelsea bitch” and joke was one her, because Tina is! Tina was first on Made in Chelsea in series seven and then came back as a cast regular in 2017.

She previously dated the son of Baroness Scotland, Matthew Mawhinney, and she’s dated Spencer Matthews.

4. Priya Gopaldas, 2021

Poshness rating: 9/10

Priya Gopaldas

via ITV

Priya is another addition to the posho Islanders. She was a medical student, and wouldn’t stop telling everyone in the villa how smart and fancy she is. She really did love to let us know how intelligent she is didn’t she? She went to an all-girls private school and said that she will bring “a little bit of intelligence and maybe some witty humour” to the the villa, as well as saying she’d shag Boris Johnson.

I mean, she did work in ICU during the pandemic and is about to become a surgeon, so as posh as she is, you can’t say anything but fair play to her. She still gets a nine, though.

4. Charlie Radnedge, 2022

Poshness rating: 9/10

via ITV

Charlie was the resident posh boy of the 2022 villa. He went to private school, and not just any old one – The Oratory School in Oxfordshire, which is a fancy boarding school with current fees of up to £13k per term. He’s also a rugby boy, and is best mates with the cast of Made in Chelsea.

He literally said in his Love Island intro that he loves to take a girl for a few cocktails up the Kings Road, but insists his accent is the only hint that he’s posh. On Instagram he has pictures of him on holiday with Harvey Armstrong from Made in Chelsea, and loads of other cast members like and comment on all his pictures. Plus, his Insta is all luxury holidays and him skiing. Enough said.

3. Chuggs Wallis, 2021

Poshness rating: 9/10

Chuggs Wallis: A ranking of the poshest Love Island contestants of all time

via ITV

Chuggs was the poshest of all the Love Island 2021 contestants. For a start he has a posh boy nickname, which actually means cuddles and hugs, and he is so uni sports boy it hurts. He’s from Surrey (shock) and owns a bucket hat company (even more of shock) AND he went to Brookes (I’m out of shock).

Chuggs’ Instagram is full of pics of him out in the country in his Land Rover, wearing budgie smugglers, travelling, and him at uni. He gets one extra point alone for appearing on Made in Chelsea one time.

2. Ollie Williams, 2020

Poshness rating: 10/10

Ollie Williams

via ITV

Ollie Williams. Where do we begin with Ollie Williams? A posh RoHo student and rugby captain who went on Love Island, and was dumped within a couple of days. He said he left because he was still in love with his ex, but it just happened to be at the same time pictures of him hunting animals leaked online. The most middle class activity there is. And for that, and that alone, Ollie gets a big fat 10 out of 10.

Plus, Ollie is reportedly the heir to his family home, the Lanhydrock Estate in Cornwall. He will become the Lord of the Manor after his father dies or abdicates as he is the eldest of his three siblings. Ollie Williams’ home is worth £9m. So yeah, definitely a 10.

1. Charlie Brake, 2018

Poshness rating: 1000/10

Charlie Brake: A ranking of the poshest Love Island contestants of all time

via ITV

Charlie Brake is literally a millionaire. Like, he is family money posh score off the scale. You can’t lie with the fact that the Love Islander said his family company was worth £400 million. However, according to The Telegraph, Brakes was sold to the US food company Sysco Corporation from Bain Capital Private Equity for £2.2 billion – so he’s sold himself a little short there!

He entered the villa being referred to as a “socialite” from Chelsea, which says it all really. Plus, he’s in line to get the millions and millions (maybe billions) of family money in inheritance. He said: “My grandfather founded a food distribution company called Brakes which my family own and we sold it so everyone is well looked after. I visit my Dad in Monaco a lot and spend a lot of time in the French Alps.” Yeah, we get it.

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