Toby and Tyrique from Love Island

‘Chaos follows him’: Toby has spilled all about his friendship with Love Island’s Tyrique

Tyrique ran Toby’s Instagram when he was in the villa!

When the full Love Island 2023 cast list was announced, new Islander Tyrique said he had a connection to 2021 legend, Toby Aromolaran. The boys have known each other since school, and now Toby has spilled more about what Tyrique is like.

Tyrique and the 2021 finalist are best mates, and have known each other for years before both of their villa days. “We grew up together and were in the same class at school,” Tyrique said.

Speaking on his podcast Fancy a Chat, alongside ex-Islander Danica Taylor, Toby shared all about how he knows Love Island 2023 contestant, Tyrique. He said they grew up friends, and warned us all that if we thought he caused chaos in the villa when he had his head turned by every girl before doing a 180 and going back to Chloe, we’ve got a lot to prepare for with Tyrique. I’m scared!

“Tyrique, I’ve grown up with him, from literally knee height to here,” Toby said. He explained that they’re so close, it was Tyrique who ran his Instagram account when he was in the villa. “He was the one behind that,” Toby said.

Obviously now the Islanders’ Instagram accounts lie dormant whilst they are on the show, but back then a friend or a family member would run the account, posting loads of pics and messages of support. On the podcast, Danica said it’s a shame Toby can’t do that in return for his mate this year.

Toby then went on to explain what Tyrique is like, saying he’ll probably be similar to what he was like in the villa, but worse. “I feel like we’re cut from the same cloth,” Toby said. “If you thought I caused chaos, I think he’s going to cause more chaos to be honest. Chaos follows him.”

He concluded with: “Guys you need to support him that’s my guy.”

Tyrique has previously said he got advice from Toby about being on the show, ahead of his villa appearance. He said: “I had a conversation with Toby before we went, obviously being my close friend he literally just said to me, ‘Listen, bro, just be yourself, if you’re not yourself, people are gonna see through. If you’re trying to be something you’re not just literally be yourself and people will like you and you’ll smash it.’

“In regards to dos and dont’s we didn’t really go into that much detail, you know, because I didn’t want to ruin that experience for myself. He had his experience. I have my experience, and I didn’t wanna go in there with expectations or anything like that to sort of go with the flow and just let it flow without knowing what’s actually going on.

“So it wasn’t really that detailed. He just said, be yourself. Toby is my closest friend, well, one of my closest friends.”

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