A shock ‘mass dumping’ of Islanders is hitting the Love Island villa this week

‘Several big names are getting the chop’

There is going to be a mass dumping taking place on Love Island this week, it’s been reported. According to The Sun, several Islanders are going to be sent packing in scenes very soon.

Last night saw dramatic scenes unfold as the villa hosted its famous movie night. There were arguments between Scott and Leah, Kady piped up, Scott and Catherine argued and Leah and Montel looked strained after she saw more of what happened whilst he was in Casa Amor. It even made what went down between Tyrique, Ella and Ouzy seem like a sub-drama.

Following that, there have been accusations of “bullying” within the villa, and producers have reportedly planned a mass dumping.

A source explained: “Yet again producers have kept the Islanders on their toes and the axe is being swung in a big way. It’s not just one or two people packing their bags anymore. Several big names are getting the chop this week – and just when they least expect it.”

via ITV

Tonight’s episode is set to continue the drama, as Jess tells Sammy more of how she feels. As they catch up after movie night, Jess tells Sammy: “I’ve been nothing but good to you this whole time and every other day I feel this emotion, I’m so fed up with feeling like this.”

Sammy says: “I’m not going to keep going around in circles, I’m done with going around in circles Jess.” Jess tells Sammy: “Yeah because you don’t like to hear the truth.” Is this make or break for them?

Later in the night, Montel enlists the help of Zach and Sammy in an attempt to win back Leah. In a Romeo and Juliet style declaration, Montel heads up to the terrace whilst Leah is tactfully positioned at the fire pit by Sammy.

Plus, an unexpected connection starts to form. Despite one couple seemingly going from strength to strength, it appears there might be trouble in paradise as one of the boys makes an unexpected beeline for the girl in question.

Pulling her for a chat in front of her partner, sparks seem to fly between the two Islanders. Is another love triangle about to form?

The drama just never ends!

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