Cut from TV and lost brand deals: Kady McDermott’s biggest scandals over the years

She was banned from turning on the Christmas lights in her hometown lol

Love Island star Kady McDermott has been surrounded by many different scandals throughout her TV career. She had dramas when she was first in the villa during season two, and is still getting embroiled in chaos now.

Some of her biggest controversies include being banned from local events and dropped from brand deals, all of which happened since she was first a Love Island bombshell.

Here’s a rundown of the biggest scandals Kady McDermott has faced over the years.

Of course, Kady McDermott is known for the huge fight that broke out during Love Island season two

Together, Kady McDermott and Malia Arkian provided possibly one of the most shocking Love Island moments ever. Malia came into the villa during season two, said she fancied Scott (who was coupled up with Kady), and then accused Kady of spilling a drink down her.

They had a massive fight, in which Kady said Malia “full on shoved her” and the other Islanders could be heard telling Malia to “not hit a girl.” Malia was removed after approximately 20 minutes in the villa, and is now officially the Islander who was in the villa for the shortest amount of time in history.

She lost a brand deal for calling a two-year-old child ‘vile’

After the villa, one of the biggest scandals Kady McDermott was involved in saw her dropped from a lucrative brand deal. She signed with fashion brand Missy Empire, but in 2019 the company cut ties with her after messages leaked in which Kady had called a two-year-old child “vile”.

Kady had been in a heated row with TOWIE’s Maria Fowler over DM, and screenshots of these were leaked. The brand then confirmed it would no longer be working with Kady, having seen the messages.

The row between the two women started after Kady launched a home renovation company named Our Village Project, similar to Maria’s brand Project In A Village. In messages, Kady called it “so embarrassing” that Maria thought she had copied her brand name, and Maria clapped back saying Kady had “basically copied the whole page”.

The two women had a huge back and forth, and Kady said in one message: “Maria no one wants to copy you, you’re no one, grow up.” She then called Maria a “cringe bag” and said: “your daughter is vile.”

At the time, Kady apologised for her behaviour, and deleted the messages. “There is no excuse for that comment at all, she is deeply sorry and did not mean it,” her representative said. “It was a comment in a second of anger.”

After being on Love Island, there was a petition to stop Kady turning on her local Christmas lights

The year after Kady appeared on Love Island, she was booked to turn on the Christmas lights in her hometown. However, following backlash from locals, she was cut from the event. A petition circulated, with locals calling her a “bad role model” after she had been booked with hopes it would attract a younger audience to attend.

The light switch on was in Welwyn Garden City, Herts, where more than 750 residents signed a petition threatening to boycott the event because Kady “sets a bad example”. Comments on the petition mentioned her behaviour on the show, and posting of herself in “skimpy outfits” on Instagram. “This is a family event and it would be much better to have a local hero instead,” a comment read.

Kady went on Good Morning Britain to discuss the outrage, and to defend herself. She was sat next to a broadcaster and author, who argued it was the right decision for Kady to be banned from the event.

Kady appeared on TOWIE, but was later cut

Love Island star Kady McDermott and her many scandals

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Whilst Kady was in a relationship with TOWIE star Myles Barnett, she joined the show to film some episodes with him and the cast. It was reported she and Myles had later been “axed” from the show, during a mass chop of cast members.

However, Kady told a different story of the events, and said she and Myles chose to leave the show instead. She claimed she was never properly contracted with TOWIE, and left because she didn’t enjoy being on it.

Talking to MailOnline, she said: “I was never a cast member on TOWIE, I came halfway through the last series to spice things up a little bit. Obviously, Myles’ life is on TOWIE, he is one of the main cast members, I came on as I’m part of his life now.

“I came on for about three or four episodes, I was never contracted, I literally came on as a friend and family type thing. I didn’t have a great time on it, I know I was only on for about three or four episodes, but I really didn’t enjoy it.”

Now she’s back on Love Island, and has been accused of having a ‘secret boyfriend’ back home

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Kady McDermott is now back in the Love Island villa, but that doesn’t mean the scandals have stopped following her. Since being back on the show, she’s been accused of having a “secret boyfriend” back home, who she’s said to have met up with just before flying out to the villa.

It’s been reported she has been in a relationship for more than a year with Liam Greer, who was recently charged with money laundering. Liam and Kady were spotted leaving Kady’s Hertfordshire home the week she flew out to Mallorca to appear on Love Island.

When approached by The Sun about the relationship, Liam said: “I’ve got nothing to say about that.” A spokesperson for ITV later confirmed: “Kady was single at the time of entering the villa.”

A TV source told The Sun of a “crackdown” between Kady and Love Island producers, following the rumours. They said: “Kady’s been involved in several chats with bosses about her not cracking on with any of the boys. If you look at the last time an ex-Islander came in, Adam Collard in 2022, there were fireworks but that really hasn’t been the case this time around.”

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