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From breakdowns to arguments: A rundown of the wildest Love Island Beach Club moments

Belle truly chewed Anton up and spat him back out


It’s that time of year again: When the cast of Love Island head to the Beach Club thinking they’re getting a fun night out, but ultimately everyone just fights and it ends in a dramatic dumping. Why do they even get excited for this anymore?

Over the years this little trip out of the villa has brought us some classic moments. Islanders have had full-scale meltdowns, and there have been breakups and lots of arguments.

Here is a rundown of every time the Love Island Beach Club has absolutely erupted, and when carnage was definitely served.

Belle absolutely ripping into Anton

I cherish Belle. Honestly, she’s lowkey one of the best Islanders we’ve ever had. In 2019, Anton had given his number to a girl in a shop during a challenge, and treated Belle like shit, and it all kicked off when the Islanders left the villa.

“You’ve mugged me off, you’ve embarrassed me,” Bella said to a silent Anton. “I am what I am and I’ll stand by that.” The reactions of everyone else around them were priceless.

‘If you’ve found what you want you better leave mate’

Love Island Beach Club with Michael and Joanna

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Belle and Anton weren’t the only ones to have drama in the Beach Club in 2019 – so did Michael and Joanna. In a huge twist, the couple were told one of them had to leave the villa immediately. Joanna was booted, but on her way out subtly said to Micheal: “If you’ve found what you want you better leave mate”. It’s the grab of the chin, for me.

She continued: “But you clearly aren’t, so you’re a fucking snake.” He didn’t leave, tried to win Amber Gill back, failed, and got dumped. God this show is good.

Georgia Steel’s iconic meltdown

I will never EVER forget when Georgia and Sam were given an ultimatum in the Love Island 2018 Beach Club. They were told they could either leave the show together, or carry on apart. It was DRAMA.

When it was all kicking off, Georgia had a meltdown on the sofas and said to host Caroline Flack, “Caroline babe, please” as she held her hand up and then dramatically put her head in her hands. Art, I tell you. ART. They split up, btw.

Danica tearing a new one for Billy

The 2022 Beach Club was not giving fun vibes, as Danica pulled Billy for a chat and destroyed him on the spot. Danica and Billy had done bits in the villa, and Billy went off and told the boys. Classic! Danica called him a “boy” and called out his childish behaviour. “You’ve walked all over me, I’m worth more than that,” she said.

“She’s got him by the balls,” was how Gemma Owen put it, and I couldn’t have put it better myself.

This dance moment, and this dance moment only

Our queen Ekin.

Georgia Steel and Molly kicking off an All Stars

The All Stars Beach Club was full of drama too, with the ongoing saga between Georgia Steel and Molly finally coming to the boil. Molly had just dropped the line “she can have my ex and my next” in the main villa, before the Islanders headed out to the club. The girls had been feuding because Georgia was cracking on with Molly’s ex Callum, whilst simultaneously pulling her current couple Tom for non-stop chats.

Georgia claimed she was “catching up with an old friend” with Tom, and told Molly there was “no need for that attitude”. Georgia also claimed she definitely hadn’t been “pulling Tom day and night” (she had), before telling Molly she had a further issue with her, and should ~ sarcastically ~”have a nice day”. Yikes.

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