Islanders banned from Love Island: All Stars

All of these Islanders have been straight up banned from being on Love Island: All Stars


Love Island: All Stars is well into the thick of it now, and whilst we’re being plagued with news of possible bombshells to hit the new villa, it’s also becoming very clear ITV has a strict list of previous Islanders who are banned from making a comeback.

There are some Islanders ITV simply doesn’t want back, and others who have launched further TV careers since first being in the villa, and now contracts they’ve made with other shows block them from taking part.

So, here’s a rundown of who we definitely aren’t going to be seeing gracing Love Island: All Stars, because they’ve been full-on banned from taking part.

Paige Turley

Winter 2020 winner Paige Turley has been told she can’t take part on Love Island: All Stars. Since splitting with her Love Island ex Finn, Paige has signed up to appear on Ex On The Beach, and a clause in her contract forbids her from taking part in a rival reality show before the series has aired.

The show was filmed in October but still hasn’t been broadcast. A source said: “Paige is absolutely gutted as she was desperate to do All Stars but there was a clause in the contract with MTV that essentially stopped her from doing so. It would have been different if Celeb Ex On The Beach had already aired, and she was hoping it might have done by now, but as it’s still to be screened, she’s essentially been blocked from entering the villa. ITV bosses were miffed too, as they would have loved to have Paige back.”

Jack Fincham

Previous winner Jack Fincham has also been told despite wanting to, he can’t appear on All Stars. However, this was a decision which came from ITV itself. Due to his criminal record and drug history, it’s been reported Jack’s not allowed to take part.

Jack was previously handed a 36-month driving ban after he crashed his BMW while under the influence of cocaine. As well as this, he was later arrested on suspicion of drink driving and driving with false plates on his car. The Sun reported at the time that a source said he was using private plates on his car, not false ones, and he’d denied using drugs and driving. The investigation is still ongoing.

Jack is said to have been interested in joining Love Island: All Stars, and before finding out he was banned, had hoped ITV would consider him. A source told The Sun: “Jack’s keen to make a big return to TV and what better than the show that made his name? Sadly he was turned down by ITV – I think his turbulent year would cast a shadow over the show.”

Joe Garratt

2019’s Joe Garratt has also been told he can’t be a bombshell on All Stars, and it’s for the same reason as Paige. Joe has also signed up to be on Ex on The Beach, and because of this can’t come back to ITV.

Apparently Joe was also “desperate” to do All Stars, but his MTV contracts says he can’t. It’s been reported ITV bosses were keen to get Joe involved too, but now he’s hoping on there being a second All Stars series, after Ex on The Beach has aired.

Finley Tapp

It’s also been reported that Finn Tapp has signed up to Ex on The Beach alongside Paige. Whilst this hasn’t been confirmed, given the same reasoning Paige has been banned from Love Island: All Stars, it can also be assumed Finn has been given the same treatment.

Confirming both Paige and Finn will be on the next series of Ex on The Beach, a TV insider told The Sun: “There are some Love Island exes who would never wish to share the screen with each other ever again. These two aren’t like that – their split actually seemed almost friendly – but it’s still going to be awkward being on another reality show together again. Maybe we’ll see romance, though I probably wouldn’t hold my breath.”

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