From Islanders disappearing to actual boobs: The 14 biggest Love Island editing errors ever

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Every year Love Island gets called out for editing errors and staged moments on the show. We’re not surprised by them anymore, they’re just quite amusing at this point.

But really, and I mean really, some of the times things have gone wrong in the production of Love Island really shouldn’t have gone unnoticed. We’re talking Islanders literally appearing and disappearing, outfits magically changing, and someone ban the girls from wearing false eyelashes – because the amount of times these have just one minute been on and then been off, it’s a nightmare for the continuity department.

Here is a rundown of the biggest Love Island editing errors of all time. Enjoy!

One time, Love Island literally aired someone’s naked boob

Love Island editing errors and staged moments

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To protect her modesty, the picture has been blurred, but in 2021 Love Island aired Faye Winter’s entire boob. Yep, in the background of a scene where the girls were getting ready for the evening, Faye’s towel had clearly slipped and her whole boob was just… out. Yikes.

Laura and Paul magically jumping up two steps

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In 2018, finalist couple Laura and Paul were seen having a chat on the steps by the pool. They were mid way through a deep and meaningful speech to one another and suddenly jumped up two steps.

Zara’s eyelashes went from on, to off, and on again


Zara with no lashes then with.. surely it’s the other way round 😅 #loveisland #backwards #error #funny #fyp

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There was a moment right near the start of the 2023 series where Zara’s eyelashes went from on, to off and then on again. During a game, Zara appeared to have full lashes on. Then, suddenly, they’d magically disappeared! This didn’t at all fit with the timeline, as her lashes then appeared back on, and then as though they were falling off, and then off again.

Tanya also had a moment when her eyelashes and makeup just… fell off

Love Island editing errors and staged moments

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The eyelashes struck again in 2023! This time, it was Tanya’s turn. Shaq and Tanya were discussing her big confession, and they kissed and made up. Tanya apologised for needing Martin and Casa Amor to prove to her she loved Shaq. Then, Martin said he “feels like causing some drama” and called Tanya over to chat about what she’d done. He interrupted Tanya and Shaq kissing to take Tanya for a chat by the firepit. He said his bit, and then Tanya shouted at him in front of the whole villa.

During her first chat with Shaq and argument with Martin, Tanya was seen with a full face of makeup and her false eyelashes were firmly ON. Then, she walked away with Shaq to sit on the daybeds, and her eyelashes and makeup were off?! When did this happen? HOW did this happen?

Tanya changed outfits during the evening

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Another editing error was going on pretty much simultaneously to Tanya’s eyelashes coming off. All night that night she had been walking around the villa in a gorgy black dress, but skip forward to when the girls were getting ready for bed, and Tanya was getting changed out of a denim jumpsuit. Sure!

At one point, there were two of Dami in the villa

Love Island 2022 also had some dodgy moments – the worst definitely being when there were two Damis in the villa at one time. No, really! I can’t even give you an explanation as to how this might have ended up happening, but something in production went terribly wrong.

After a recoupling, the Islanders were moving away from the firepit to spread out and discuss what had just happened. At first glance it looks like Dami had stuck around by the firepit to chat with the boys, but look out off to the distance, and there was Dami again, walking off to somewhere else!

Faye’s head got chopped off, casual

Love Island editing errors and staged moments

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Faye was at the centre of quite a few of Love Island 2021’s editing errors, this time having her head cut off. As you do. She was walking around the villa when suddenly her head was just, gone. Someone later pointed out that it’s probably a strategically placed mirror to hide cameras, which isn’t very strategically placed for when Islanders are walking about there.

The HUGE Jack and Georgia kissing scandal

This is probably the most staged moment of Love Island, of all time. Remember in 2018 there was that big scandal when Georgia Steel and Jack Fowler went on a date? Jack was coupled up with Laura Anderson, and on the date he and Georgia, who was meant to be Laura’s friend, kissed.

It was clear to the viewers that Georgia leaned in and Jack was just landed on, but Georgia tried to convince Laura it was a mutual thing. Chaos. However, if you watch the clips back, it was clearly filmed… TWICE.

Kaz just randomly appeared on the day beds during a conversation

In a clip from the 2021 series, Liam, Hugo and Aaron were chatting and all seemed normal. Then out of nowhere, Kaz appeared! The clip was posted on TikTok with the caption “She appears out of thin air!” and she really did.

Tanya just disappeared in a conversation

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In the 2023 series, the Islanders were told they were going to be taking part in a challenge called “Ladiators” and got a text to get them hyped for it. As the message came through, Shaq, Tanya and Jordan were chatting on the day beds.

But then, the camera cut to Shaq in the Beach Hut reacting to the challenge announcement, and when the camera came back to the day bed, Tanya had disappeared! Umm, what’s going on here?

We go again! Lucinda’s eyelashes disappeared too!

Love Island is going to have to ban the girls from wearing falsies, because they are big tellers of when things have been edited to look different. There was a moment in the 2021 series where Lucinda’s just left her face.

Brad’s dramatic exit was one of the biggest moments of that series, but shock! It was filmed more than once. If you watch the video closely, when Brad and Lucinda were stood next to each other about to tell the Islanders their decision, she had a full face of makeup. Then, when they all jumped up to console them, Lucinda’s eyelashes were gone. It’s almost as if… she’d already been crying and filmed the entire shock reaction again.

The 2021 Islanders were magically switching?!

Love Island editing errors and staged moments

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In a clip from the night Georgia, Abi and Tyler arrived in the 2021 villa, a number of the Islanders were chatting to Georgia about how she felt towards Hugo. At first we saw Teddy and Faye sat closest to the camera, and then the shot changed for a split second to show Georgia’s facial expressions, and when it returned, Faye was in another seat completely and Liam was there too?!

Anna and Yewande suddenly switched places by the fire pit when talking to Lucie

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In 2019, Anna and Yewande suddenly switched places when the girls were chatting around the firepit. When the girls confronted Lucie about not spending enough time with them, Anna was sat on the far right. But next thing you know, she’d suddenly morphed into Yewande??

Mary’s hair went from being down to up in a matter of seconds

Love Island editing errors and staged moments

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In Love Island 2021 the editing errors kept coming. In an episode where Toby couldn’t decide if he wanted Mary, Abi or Chloe there was yet another continuity glitch.

The camera looked at Mary when Toby was chatting to the boys about her and her hair was down, then Abi came over and the camera looked at Mary again and her hair was up! Come on now!! The clips simply cannot have been as close together as they were portrayed as being.

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