Love Island Gossip Column: An Islander LEAVES?! And Jake’s angry ex speaks out!

‘Do me dirty, I’ll do you dirty’

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2021 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

An Islander is apparently going to be booted out tonight

One of the Love Island girls is reportedly going to be leaving the villa tonight! Last night’s episode teased a recoupling, where bombshell Chloe has to choose a man to couple up with. This will leave one of the girls single – and they will then be immediately dumped from the island, it has been said. If this happens, it will be the earliest in a series that a Love Island contestant has been sent home. DRAMA.

Love Island Gossip Column: All the latest news and updates from the 2021 villa

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This girl aired Brad in her DMs and now she has ~regrets~

A girl has posted on Twitter her deep, deep regrets of pieing Brad when he was DMing her, which seeing how beautiful he looks in the villa, anyone can have sympathy over. In the message, Brad was making small talk with her about her plans, and then she didn’t reply when he told her he was going for a walk near where Avengers was filmed. She’s just replied: “Sorry for pieing you… can we start again?”

Maybe if he leaves the villa alone he might see and this could be the start of something beautiful? Just in case that does happen, updates to follow.

Jake’s ex is spilling all the tea on his foot fetish and claims he lied about being single before the villa

Right, we’ve all become a little too aware that Jake has a foot fetish. But now, someone claiming to have been seeing him in the past has gone and posted a load of stuff on Twitter about how he hasn’t been “single for eight months” like he said in his interview and instead was “occupied sucking my toes”. She shared a picture of said toe sucking, which should probably come with a *content warning*.

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via Twitter

via Twitter

She’s since made her Twitter private, and after her tweets blew up she posted a full statement titled: “About me and my Love Island tweet.” It said she wasn’t aware he had applied for Love Island, and they had spent time together and got to know one another on a “personal level”. She went on to say that she is “hurting, angry and upset” over Jake’s behaviour and that people calling her out for posting the photo should see she is entitled to share her opinion and story.

Twitter has gone into meltdown over Chloe’s voice

Last night we finally got to see the fallout from the cringe, too-hard-to-be-sexy voice note Chloe left for the villa. And Twitter has gone into meltdown over her voice. Surely she can’t actually speak like that all the time? Is anyone else getting major baby voice Jessica from Love Is Blind flash backs???

Brad and Kaz had a conversation on the terrace and I DEMAND WE SEE THIS RIGHT NOW

In the first look preview for last night’s episode, there was a quick blink-and-you’ll-miss-it snippet showing Brad and Kaz chatting on the roof terrace. But, there was none of this in the episode last night. Um so Brad and Kaz had a lil secret conversation that we haven’t been shown??? Are producers purposefully holding back information which could be the rise of a Love Island power couple that I don’t think the world is ready for? LOVE ISLAND GIVE US THE JUICE.

Holly Willoughby fancies Brad and honestly hun, get in line

Amber Gill went on This Morning this week, and her and Holly had a lovely discussion about how hot Brad is. Naturally. After Phillip Schofield made a comment about Brad’s “thick accent”, Holly responded by saying: “Great accent. It did take me a couple of seconds, because he sort of just talks.” She then added that he is “gorgeous” and Amber agreed, saying he is “so beautiful”. Holly added: “We’ll see what happens with him. He seems like quite a nice boy as well, he does seem like a sweetheart.”

Love Island Gossip Column: All the latest news and updates from the 2021 villa

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People are saying Hugo is going to lose his job because of his sexual comments on the show

So we all heard Hugo’s confession that he’s had sex on a road (weird and probably dangerous, but sure) and then he went on to awkwardly call the group the “horny devils” a few too many times than necessary. Then, and probably rightly so, people were commenting that it would be a bit weird for his pupils if he wanted to go back to his job as a teacher after the villa.


Brad was talking to one of Amber Gill’s friends in the past?!

In a tweet, which has since been deleted, 2019 winner Amber Gill said that Brad was speaking to one of her friends in the past. “Brad was speaking to one of my friends at some point but let’s keep that between me you,” she said.

She then replied to one of the comments on the tweet, adding: “was a little while ago, I’m not rating anyone out just thought it was a fun fact”.

Kem Cetinay thinks Hugo will win the whole show

This seems a bit far-fetched from what we’ve seen of Hugo so far, but I guess we should take an ex-winner’s opinion quite seriously when he says someone will win the whole of Love Island. Speaking on Capital Radio, Kem said: “Every school had that PE teacher that everyone fancied, I remember in school everyone loved the PE teacher, and that is this year. Hugo – what a name as well, Hugo is the best name in the world, don’t you think?” Kem was then asked if Hugo is his favourite to win, and he added that he thinks he’s “a cool guy.”

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