Love Island 2021 siblings: Meet the equally as fit brothers and sisters of this year’s cast

Can I be best friends with Millie and her sisters?

As per usual, the Islanders this year are beautiful – picture perfect and villa ready for a summer of love. So you might think that the siblings of the Love Island 2021 cast have spent their whole lives living in the shadow of their perfect family members. Think again, because this bunch have got some seriously good genes.

The brothers and sisters of the Islanders this year are a great crop. From fun-loving little sisters to brothers with degrees. Plus, a lot of them are the ones behind the social media accounts of the Islanders right now.

Here are all the siblings of the Love Island 2021 cast.

Millie’s sisters, Jessie and Loren

Millie Court sisters: Meet the siblings of the Love Island 2021 cast

via Instagram @lorenbradley

Ok, out of all the Love Island 2021 siblings, I wish I was friends with Millie Court and her sisters. Millie has two sisters, called Jessie and Loren, and they all appear to get on really well. They post loads of cute family pictures together.

via Instagram @lorenbradley

In one post, with her sister Loren, Millie captioned it: “It’s been five days since I last saw you and I’m having major withdrawal symptoms…” Her sister replied: “Stop, I love you. I think about you everyday love you love you love you.” In a different post, with her sister Jessie and their mum, Millie captioned it: “My two besties”.

via Instagram @milliegracecourt

Her sister’s handles are @lorenbradley and @jessiecourtx.

Liam’s sister, Niamh

Liam Reardon sister

via Instagram @niamhreardon_

21-year-old Liam Reardon has a sister called Niamh, who works as a hair stylist. Niamh is currently running Liam’s Instagram whilst he’s in the villa. By the looks of her Instagram, Niamh isn’t letting Liam be the only Reardon sibling have a fun summer, as she’s been in Santorini with her other half. Niamh and Liam clearly get on very well, sharing loads of pictures of them out together and with their family.

Kaz’s sister, Banji

Kaz Kamwi sister

via Instagram @kazkamwi

Kaz Kamwi’s sister, Banji, is also a fashion blogger. She has 24k followers herself, so it’s no surprise Kaz chose her to look after her socials whilst she’s in the villa. Kaz and Banji have done loads of work together, doing styling ad posts with one another, and they have done a “Sister’s Edit” YouTube video together. They are clearly very close. Banji’s Instagram handle is @simply_banji.

Teddy’s brother, Sidney

Teddy Soares brother: Meet the siblings of the Love Island 2021 cast

via Instagram @teddy_soares

Oh you thought Teddy was good looking? You might want to sit down before you lay eyes on his brother then. Teddy Soares has a younger brother called Sidney who is a registered NLP practitioner with his own consulting business, and has a degree in biomedical science. Unfortunately though gals, Sidney is currently dating a hair and makeup artist.

Jake’s brother and sister

Jake Cornish brother: Meet the siblings of the Love Island 2021 cast

via Instagram @jakecornish7

In an Instagram Q&A on his page, it was revealed that Jake Cornish has one younger brother and a sister. He has one picture on Instagram with his brother, whose handle is @rcornish11. Jake captioned the picture: “Merry Christmas from the Corns” and all of his family have been posting loads, supporting his journey on the show.

Faye’s sister, Jo

Faye Winter sister: Meet the siblings of the Love Island 2021 cast

via ITV

Faye Winter has an older sister, called Jo, who is currently running her social media accounts with one of Faye’s friends whilst she is in the villa. 29-year-old Jo, full name Jo-anne, also appeared on Aftersun, where everyone was pretty shook by how much the pair look alike. Speaking to Laura Whitmore on the show, Jo said: “It’s crazy the only way that I can see my little sister is turning on the TV at 9pm, which is so bizarre. I do speak to her all the time and see her all the time. I miss her terribly but I’m so glad to see her enjoying herself. It’s lovely.”

Jo lives in Devon, and her Instagram profile is currently private.

Toby’s sister, Shauna

@shauna_aroMy brothers at it again 🙃 ##fyp ##foryoupage ##loveisland2021 ##loveisland ##whyyouactlikethat ##weknewitwascoming ##tobyloveisland @tobyaromolaran

♬ original sound – JOR JOR😖🤪

Toby Aromolaran has one sister, called Shauna, who has gone viral reacting to his drama on the show. In a TikTok, when Toby was being peak Toby and was scrambled over who he liked, she lip-synced an audio which said : “You’re pissing me off for real. Why do you act like that?” The video has had over two million views.

Chloe’s sister, Bridget

Chloe Burrows sister: Meet the siblings of the Love Island 2021 cast

via Instagram @bridieburrows

Chloe Burrows has a younger sister named Bridget, who is 20. However, she has reportedly previously joked that she’s not even called Bridget. Her Instagram bio says “UoS” – so she may be a student at the University of Suffolk at the moment. Bridget, or whatever her name actually is, has shared a couple of cute snaps of her out for brunch with Chloe and her handle is @bridieburrows. 

via Instagram @bridieburrows

She also really, really does look like a younger version of Chloe. It’s almost a little spooky.

Brett’s twin brother, Scott

Brett Staniland twin brother: Meet the siblings of the Love Island 2021 cast

via Instagram @twinbrett

New bombshell, Brett Staniland, has a twin brother called Scott. The pair are 27-years-old and both work as models together. They are currently influencers for a brand called Cudoni. He told ITV that they are identical mirror twins, meaning their hair naturally parts the other way, Brett is left handed, and his brother is right handed, and his brother is left footed whilst Brett is right footed. “There are some blemishes on our skin which are perfectly opposite,” he said. “I’m older by two minutes. There’s some very peculiar questions I get asked, like if I hit you will he feel it?”

He did say though, despite how close they may be, he and his brother will never date or go for the same person romantically – they have strict rules on that sort of thing. Being a twin is clearly a huge part of Brett’s personality, his Instagram handle is @twinbrett and you guessed it, his brother’s is @twinscott. Scott is currently running Brett’s Instagram profile whilst he’s in the villa.

Priya’s brother

Priya Gopaldas brother: Meet the siblings of the Love Island 2021 cast

via Instagram @priyagopaldas

The final of the Love Island 2021 siblings is from new bombshell Priya Gopaldas. She lives in London with her parents and younger brother. She clearly gets on with him, and has posted about him a bit on her Instagram.

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