Who is Brett? The PhD student, model and identical twin who just arrived on Love Island

He can speak five languages and used to play football semi-pro

You guessed it! It’s another day on Love Island and another bombshell arrival, this time in the form of a model called Brett. We’ve only just got used to the two last bombshells, and now we’ve been given another, so right now it’s a lot of new names to learn and new people to get to know for the Islanders.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest arrival in the Love Island villa, Brett Staniland.

Brett in his Love Island promo shoot

New Love Island bombshell Brett is 27 and from Derbyshire

Brett Staniland is 27-years-old and from Derbyshire. When asked why he wanted to go on Love Island, he said: “I’ve never had a serious relationship and the last 18 months has been really stagnant in terms of meeting new people and dating. Lots of my friends have settled down, had kids. I’m kind of the one that’s left back from all of that. Now is the right time.”

Brett Staniland: Meet the Love Island bombshell including his age, where he is from, job as model and Instagram

via Instagram @twinbrett

He’s a PhD student and a model

Brett is currently a PhD student, studying exercise and health. According to his LinkedIn, he is studying at Coventry University and has been since 2016. Before his PhD, he studied for a degree in Sports Therapy and Medicine and a Masters in Strength and Conditioning. He has also spent the last two years in Madrid collecting data for his PhD research, which is based around using exercise interventions and the effects of physical activity on reducing people’s risk of cardiovascular diseases. “I didn’t speak a word of Spanish until I moved there and had to kind of pick it up, he said. “I was learning scientific words before I knew the word for like, ketchup. So I kind of learned backwards.”

Brett also works as a model, after being scouted to work in the fashion industry. He is currently signed to BMA Models and his management is Industry Models. Brett’s brother is also a model, and the pair of them do a lot of work together. They are currently influencers for a brand called Cudoni.

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Also according to his LinkedIn, Brett can speak five languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.

Brett has an identical twin brother!

Brett has an identical twin brother called Scott. He told ITV that they are identical mirror twins, meaning their hair naturally parts the other way, Brett is left handed, and his brother is right handed, and his brother is left footed whilst Brett is right footed. “There are some blemishes on our skin which are perfectly opposite,” he said. “I’m older by two minutes. There’s some very peculiar questions I get asked, like if I hit you will he feel it?”

And yes, he has pretended to be his brother before. “We used to swap classes at school– but we’d get caught out because our friends couldn’t keep quiet,” Brett said. “Our parents got called in once because they thought we’d cheated on a test because we’d scored the exact same result and even the questions we got wrong, we’d put the same thing. But we were sat on opposite sides of the room, we couldn’t possibly have cheated.”

He did say though, despite how close they may be, he and his brother will never date or go for the same person romantically – they have strict rules on that sort of thing.

Brett Staniland: Meet the Love Island bombshell including his age, where he is from, job as model and Instagram

via Instagram @twinbrett

Before Love Island, Brett also played football semi pro with his brother

Brett explained that he and his brother have played football together for a while but he gave it up to focus on modelling. He said : “We played some non-league football and semi professionally for some teams. I started my PHD and then we were scouted to work in the fashion industry. Since then I took a step back from playing football as seriously as I have to look after my body and I’m travelling a lot. I couldn’t train two or three times a week and then play at the weekend, it was just too much of a commitment and I got loads of injuries all the time, so I had to look after my body a bit more.”

He says he’d be described as a sarcastic person

When asked how his friends and family would describe him, Brett said: “Sarcastic. I’d like to think they’d say nice things like I’m generous and caring. But they know I can be quite stubborn.” He added that his hidden talent is that he can solve a Rubik’s Cube. Impressive.

Brett Staniland: Meet the Love Island bombshell including his age, where he is from, job as model and Instagram

via Instagram @twinbrett

In the Love Island villa, Brett has his eyes on Millie

When asked who in the Love Island villa his fancies the most, Brett said he has his eyes on Millie. He added that Kaz has been a “recurring pick” for him and also “maybe Mary”. “They all seem like really lovely people,” he said. “I’d go and ask the question for sure. I want to know where their heads are at.” His celebrity crush is Jennifer Lopez.

Brett has 39.9k followers on Instagram

Brett’s Instagram handle is @twinbrett. Yep really. Being a twin is clearly a huge part of his personality, and you guessed it, his brother’s is @twinscott. Brett already has loads of followers, at the time of publishing he had just under 40k – probably from his modelling work. His profile is literally all modelling photos.

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