Say hello to Aaron: The footballer bombshell who wants a ‘worldie’ in the Love Island villa

The 24-year-old has his own Wikipedia page?!

Remember when we were all saying Love Island this year was tame? Now we’ve got huge arguments, couples falling apart and getting back together quicker than Chloe can say “no whey” and loads of drama. The next surprise Love Island 2021 has in store for us is the arrival of two new bombshells, Aaron and Priya.

Aaron is a footballer, who says he’s finished with the typical player stereotype that comes with his career and wants to settle down. Here’s everything you need to know about Love Island 2021 bombshell, Aaron Simpson.

Aaron in his Love Island 2021 promo shoot, via ITV

24-year-old Aaron is the latest Love Island 2021 bombshell, and is on the hunt for a ‘worldie’

Aaron Simpson is 24 and from Kent. When asked why he wants to be on Love Island, he said: “I think it’s an amazing opportunity. I’m all about having a good time and hopefully I can leave with a ‘worldie’. I’m definitely looking for a long-lasting relationship. I’ve got all the player stuff out of my system, I’m ready to settle down now.”

Aaron Simpson: Meet the Love Island 2021 bombshell including his age, job, Instagram and work as footballer

via Instagram @aaronsimpsonn

He’s a footballer

Aaron currently works as a footballer. He started playing when he was four or five, and signed his first professional contract when he was 17. He describes his career so far as being “quite a journey.”

He must be at least a bit of a big deal because he has his own Wikipedia page. Impressive. On there he is described as an English professional footballer who last played as a right back for National League club Sutton United. The page adds that he has previously played for Maidstone United and on loan at Portsmouth, AFC Telford United, Kilmarnock, FC Jumilla, Waterford and Dover Athletic.

Aaron has been described as a ‘cheeky chap’ and ‘life and soul of the party’

Aaron said his family and friends would describe him as “a very cheeky chap”. He added they would say he is “always happy and always laughing. Someone who is the life and soul of the party all the time. A fun person to be around.”  He added: “I’m going to bring fun, good energy and positive vibes [to Love Island]. I think a couple of the girls’ heads will be turning when I go in there.” He added that he is “very, very competitive” and hates losing.

Aaron Simpson: Meet the Love Island 2021 bombshell including his age, job, Instagram and work as footballer

via Instagram @aaronsimpsonn

In the Love Island 2021 villa, Aaron is interested in two of the girls

Ahead of his entrance, Aaron has said that, personality wise, the girls in the villa who are most his type are Chloe or Mary. “I haven’t got all my eggs in one basket,” he said. Maybe it’ll be a footballer face-off between him and Toby over Chloe’s affections?

When asked if he minds stepping on toes, Aaron said: “I feel like with my personality I won’t do it behind your back. I’ll openly tell you I’m about to steal your girl. That doesn’t really phase me at all. As long as I’m not doing anything snakey or behind your back, I don’t really see the problem.”

Aaron Simpson: Meet the Love Island 2021 bombshell including his age, job, Instagram and work as footballer

via Instagram @aaronsimpsonn

His ideal partner is someone who is family orientated

Aaron said that family is really important to him, so his ideal partner would need to be someone who is family orientated. “I’m very close to my mum, dad and my sister. I’ve got a massive family so someone that can deal with that,” he said. He added that he would like “someone who has a personality who doesn’t rely on me”. “I’m very confident and I can chat for ages so sometimes it’s probably easy to leave me to do all the talking in certain situations so someone who has a big enough personality to hold their own and put me in my place,” he said. “Someone who also isn’t too serious as I’m a very spontaneous person.”

When asked what it is like to date a footballer, Aaron said a lot of people assume he will be a “typical player”. He said: “I got all of that out of my system when I was younger and now I’m a lot more laid-back when it comes to dating. A lot of people would assume that I go on lots of dates but I’m actually quite picky when it comes to who I date. Sometimes it can be hard to know if someone is genuine or not. My mum is really protective over me. The approval is always needed from mumsy, for sure.”

His ideal first date is going out for drinks, and for a second date Aaron said he would “always want to do something fun”. “I’m not really one for fancy dinners. Doing something fun and adventurous like rock climbing or zip wiring. I love doing something that is a bit different,” he said.

Aaron Simpson: Meet the Love Island 2021 bombshell including his age, job, Instagram and work as footballer

via Instagram @aaronsimpsonn

Before entering the Love Island 2021 villa, Aaron had 12.5k followers on his already verified Instagram

At time of publishing, Aaron had 12.5k followers on Instagram. He shares loads of pictures of him playing football, as well as a few selfies and lots of pictures with his family. Plus, he’s verified already! Aaron’s Instagram handle is @aaronsimpsonn.

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