Domestic abuse charity releases statement over Faye’s ‘unacceptable behaviour’ towards Teddy

‘It would not have been shown if the genders were reversed’

A domestic abuse charity has spoken out after Love Island 2021 contestant Faye Winter had a huge row with Teddy Soares, calling her behaviour “unacceptable”.

Over the past couple of episodes we have seen the fallout from “Movie Night” on the show, where Islanders rewatched footage of themselves in the villa. One of the clips included Teddy sitting on the day beds in Casa Amor chatting to fellow Islander, Clarisse Juliette.

Following the clip, Faye and Teddy had a huge argument with Faye saying: “I told you the truth. And you told me jack shit. I don’t want to speak to you right now, because I don’t want to scream. You look like a two-faced prick!” Faye continued to shout and scream across the villa, not giving Teddy a chance to say anything to explain what they had seen. Viewers clearly disagreed with how she treated Teddy, with some calling it “toxic”, “abusive” and others calling for her to removed from the villa.

A charity has now released a statement about the argument, calling the actions from Faye on Friday’s Love Island episode “unacceptable”. Mark Brooks from the ManKind Initiative charity told the Metro: “We are really pleased with the social media reaction to the show. The public are very clear that the behaviour shown is not acceptable and are particularly remarking that this includes when a man is on the receiving end. Some have said it would not have been shown if the genders were reversed which we agree, however, it does clearly remind us all how men can be and are victims of this behaviour and it is not only women.”

Faye’s friends and family also released a statement via her Instagram page. It read: “We understand that fans of Love Island have opinions on Friday night’s episode. While we don’t want to comment on the events of the show, we ask everyone to remember: You are watching a highly edited TV show which is created for entertainment – you can never see the full picture.

“Faye is human, she may not always get things right. We ask that everyone please remember this before commenting or messaging. We make no apology for turning off comments, blocking and deleting to protect the mental wellbeing of ourselves and Faye when she comes out. We would encourage anyone struggling to do the same thing. We hope that we can all get back to enjoying the show together from now on.”

via Instagram @faye__winter

In an unseen clip from last night’s episode, shown during Aftersun, Faye told Millie and Chloe there was “no excuse” for the way she reacted. “I feel bad, I feel shit that I blew up the way I did”, she said. “I am sorry for what I done, there is no excuse for it, there is no excuse for the way I just flew out off the handle.

“But I just want to move forward with it. If anything, it’s made me realise what I want. Yesterday was like… well it makes you realise that if he was stood there and he went home, I would literally have been like that’s okay, because I’m off too.”

A spokesperson from ITV added: “Welfare and duty of care towards our contributors is always our primary concern, and we take the emotional well-being of all the Islanders extremely seriously. We have dedicated welfare producers and psychological support on hand at all times who monitor and regularly speak to all of the Islanders in private and off camera, especially if someone appears to be upset.

“All the Islanders are therefore fully supported by the professionals on site and by their friends in the villa. Islanders can always reach out and talk to someone if they feel the need.”

Domestic abuse charity releases statement following row between Faye and Teddy on Love Island 2021

via ITV

This isn’t the first time a charity has responded to the behaviour of Love Island 2021 contestants. Earlier in the series, Women’s Aid spoke out over “gaslighting” and “manipulative” behaviour from bombshell contestant Danny Bibby towards Lucinda Strafford.

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