‘He’s fake, there’s nothing he can say’: The four dumped Islanders spill their villa truths

‘I 100 per cent did not sleep with Hugo’ 👀

Last night saw four people dumped from the Love Island 2021 villa after a public vote left the Islanders choosing between their fellow contestants. Amy, Hugo, Clarisse and Sam were all sent packing, and let’s just say they didn’t hold back in their post-Island exit interviews.

A public vote left three couples up for dumping: Amy and Hugo, Clarisse and Tyler and Sam and Mary. The Islanders had to choose one boy and one girl to save and they picked Tyler and Mary. The four dumped contestants have spilled some very hot tea about villa life, branded each other “fake” and shared exactly how they feel about their time on Love Island.

Exit interviews with Hugo, Clarisse, Amy and Sam - the four dumped Islanders from Love Island 2021 last night

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Clarisse has said Tyler is ‘fake’ and says she is ‘disappointed’ in him

Clarisse was brought back from Casa Amor by Tyler, who then said he couldn’t decide between her and Kaz, before going back to Kaz. And now, Clarisse has made it clear she is less than impressed with how he behaved. “I feel like he is a bit fake. I am a bit disappointed in him really,” she said. When asked if it was Tyler who initiated things with her, she added: “He definitely did. He said he was putting Kaz in a box and it’s away. He just kept saying he wanted to share a bed with me.”

When asked what she would do if Tyler asked to see her outside the villa, she said: “I can’t imagine seeing him, no. I didn’t say bye to him. There’s nothing he can say to me really.” Clarisse added that, if she had her time again, she “definitely wouldn’t have been with Tyler” because “he’s not really honest”. “He’s not true to himself in my opinion,” she said.

Exit interviews with Hugo, Clarisse, Amy and Sam - the four dumped Islanders from Love Island 2021 last night

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Hugo is ‘gutted’ to be leaving the villa but won’t give up on finding love

After being in the villa from day one, Hugo said he is “gutted” to be leaving, but wasn’t surprised to be in the bottom couples. “I’ve made some really good friends in there, I’d almost call them family now,” he said. “At the same time, I definitely feel my time had come. I leave really happy that I’ve had an amazing experience, but at the same time, sad to leave everyone. Ultimately people are there for love. And that was probably the one thing that was missing from my experience. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it in there. But I haven’t given up. I’ll still be on the search.”

When asked if he was there for just a free holiday, he said: “I was trying! I tried really hard. You can’t make girls fall for you if it’s not reciprocated and vice versa. I did try my best, but obviously it didn’t work out.”

Hugo and Amy won’t be carrying on outside the villa

When asked if he would like to go on a date with Amy, who he left the villa in a couple with, Hugo said: “I think with myself and Amy we kind of got back to the main villa and it was a bit like a holiday romance; you go away and you think it’s amazing and then you come back to the real life and the cracks almost start to show a little bit. I don’t think so [regarding a date]. I think she will reciprocate that. I’m sure we’ll go out in groups and what not, but I can’t imagine we’ll be going out for a dinner anytime soon.”

Exit interviews with Hugo, Clarisse, Amy and Sam - the four dumped Islanders from Love Island 2021 last night

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Amy said she was instantly attracted to Hugo but she thinks for him it was ‘all for show’

Amy and Hugo met during Casa Amor, and Amy said there was an “effortless” and “natural” instant attraction between them. But then, when they came back to the villa, it was all change. “It was almost instant, the next day, he was very hot and cold,” she said. “He would never naturally choose to come and chill with me. So for me it felt it was all for show.”

She said her feelings were 100 per cent genuine, but as for Hugo, she described him as simply “fake”. “He wasn’t telling me that he didn’t like me. I do wish I’d opened up and re-coupled with someone else.”

Amy has clarified she and Hugo did NOT sleep together

After the Casa Amor bumper recoupling we saw the Islanders all move into their new living arrangements. As the lights went out the camera panned over all the couples and it looked like Hugo and Amy were getting to know each other… a little. Twitter lost its head, but did they or didn’t they? Amy has confirmed: “I 100 per cent did not sleep with Hugo.”

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That’s that one then.

Hugo doesn’t have a job to go back to but would like to be the next Joe Wicks

During the first few weeks, it was revealed that Hugo will not be returning to the teacher placement role he was at before the show. But, speaking of his job, he added: “I’ve just finished my teacher training year, which I loved. I don’t have a job lined up. I’d love to stay involved with kids sport, health and fitness, young adults in any way I could. Sport and physical activity is so important for people and it’s often overlooked. It’s so good for us, gets our endorphins going, it’s great for our mental health. I’d love to keep promoting physical activity and sport and be an advocate for that. I don’t know what that looks like, but maybe online. Joe Wicks has smashed it. It’d be cool to do something like that.”

Who do the four dumped Islanders think could go on and win Love Island 2021?

Clarisse backs Jake and Liberty to win, saying “they’re one of the only genuine couples that I can see being together properly.” She added: “I feel like Liam and Millie will as well. They do really like each other a lot. Even though they’ve had their ups and downs, you can see how they feel about each other. Seeing him come back to the villa and be with Millie, I can see where his head is at. I think he loves Millie. Faye and Teddy are maybe there – I don’t know whether it’s more lust than love but I can see that they’re into each other.”

Sam said he wants Millie and Liam to win. “I want them to get back on it and I think if they do, they’ll win. I hope Millie comes around,” he said. When asked which couples will go the distance, Amy said: “I think Millie and Liam. She might be a bit shocked when she watches Casa Amor back. But there’s no denying there’s a very strong connection. Faye and Teddy I hope they last on the outside. Kaz and Tyler I’m not betting money on it. Chloe and Toby are so cute, they really are. Jake and Liberty are definitely cute together. I just hope he is as genuine as he comes across.”

In true teacher style, Hugo graded all the couples. He scored Jake and Liberty an A*, Faye and Teddy a B+/A, Chloe and Toby a B, Millie and Liam a B and Kaz and Matthew a C (he clearly didn’t see how last night ended for them, yikes).

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